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Thu, Sep 8th, 2016 11:32:06 AM
Topic: Salor or Salu

With this coming Saturday's exhibition of Turkmen rugs and attached 'symposium' at Rippon Boswell auction in Wiesbaden, Germany, and next week's exhibition of more Turkmen rugs from Italian collections at the Sartirana Fair in Italy, any casual observer would wont to think these events would kickup a dust storm of interest equal to a herd of startled wild buffalo.

But RK doubts this will be the case, as the population of interested collectors has been as decimated as those buffalo herds that used to roam the western plains of America.

Age is a main culprit, however, the lack of younger collectors is far more the cause. Attracting them has proven impossible thanks to the antiquated and mostly ineffectual means the hoi poli of rugDUMB has so far employed. So do not expect to see many, if any new faces.

From what RK has heard the Rippon exhibition will basically be the hans sienknecht collection, and are we too far in suggesting the soon to be seen at auction part?

Rumored to own over 700 old Turkmen rugs of varying age and importance, it is sure sienknecht's collection is the largest we know. Recently many of the 125 Turkmen weavings that appeared in the jurg rageth New Perspectives publication were from his stash, and this will also be the case at Rippon on Saturday.

Oh, before and how could we forget to mention both these exhibitions are in honor of that publication.

RK has extensively reviewed rageth's book and our position is already well known so we need not discuss this here. But we would be derelict not to mention instead of honoring it there should be open discussion and geniune peer review. We know we are not the only one to find many faults with rageth's work. But, yeah right, this ain't gonna happen in this world's rugDUMB, surely not at this stage.

Regardless of our critiques and criticisms of rageth and his publication we do urge any and all who are interested in Turkmen weavings to trip out to Wiesbaden or to Sartirana. What you will see should surely, as we have heard it, be worth the journey.

In our ever dismayed view of what that rag hali does we need close with this mention. The illustration above of a MAD, aka Middle Amu Darya region, chuval accompanied that rag hali's bulletin we recently found deposited in our email . As the relevant text describing it below shows the twits over there think it is a "Salor".

Yesshhh, can't the totally turko-challenged ben evans and his compadres tell the difference between what cannot even be called in name only Salor, and what is in name always called Ersari, or MAD if that's what floats yer boat.

Seems no matter how many books or exhibitions there are you just can't fix stupid. And those at that rag hali never fail to prove themselves in any other category.

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