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Tue, Aug 16th, 2016 08:14:24 AM
Topic: Sucker Hunt

dennis dodds is beyond any doubt the most egregious crook in rugDUMB. And that's saying alot as he has mucho competition.

RK has been prompted to again draw attention to mr dodds thanks to the publicity that rag hali has been giving to The Antique Pavilion at this years New York International Carpet Show that will be held from 11 13 September at the Terminal Warehouse (aka The Tunnel), 271 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10001.

One of the 18 exhibitors will be dennis -- the cheat, liar and thief -- dodds. However, a majority of the preview rugs shown in those advertisements belong to dodds, who has been trying to sell them for not years, mind you, but for decades.

RK should know because long ago, in 2004, dodds offered them to us when we posed as a possible rich and naive buyer. He pulled out all stops to try and do business with our fictional invention, sending pictures of these pieces and long, ridiculously over-hyped and dated statements of alleged expertise. There were also other offers, all equally as dubious, over-hyped and way over priced.

The only thing mr dodds is expert about is going to all lengths to hook suckers, who believe his bogus bullshit reputation and open their wallets, often to their chagrin and disappointment when they eventually learn the truth.

Let's all remember, how could anyone forget, dodds's LACMA bogus bellini rip-off.

Here are two of dodds's stale as two week old toast rugs that appear in those previews. Cavet emptor is all RK can say.

The caption for this prayer rug, and dodds communication to us when he sent this rug for sale 10 years ago, attributes it to "Ushak". Price then was 50,000 english pounds(BPS). Maybe in dodds's clouded and flawed opinion but in reality this prayer rug is most assuredly from the Ghiordes/Kula region. It is, however, not from any of the multitude of urban workshops but more than likely was woven in a surrounding small and less organized village production facility. As for dodds's dating it 1750? This is equally as spurious, forget debatable, as circa 1800 would be plenty generous. RK also wrote about this same prayer rug years ago when dodds put it into an 'exhibition' he organized at a museum and then later offered to our fictitious buyer. This was an "exhibition" in name only as dodds loaded it up with his own pieces that were all for sale. Shame, shame; selling your inventory off of museum walls. Shame, shame. But all this is nothing for a cheat and con-man like dennis dodds. Here is the original write up we did in 2004:

This gross copy of a supposed 17th century Konya area long rug is nothing of the sort. Just like dodds's bogus bellini, this rug is a later genre period reproduction that is at best early 19th century. Mr dodds has been for decades trying unsuccessfully to pass it off as 17th century, the date it carries in these advertisements. Guess he's hoping for lightning to strike and some sucker will walk up and buy it. When he offered to us posing as a rich client in 2004 he wanted 150,000 english pounds(BPS). Read more about these two rugs and dodds's thieving ways here:

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