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Sat, Aug 13th, 2016 11:41:58 AM
Topic: Million Dollar Comic book

Action Comics #1,whose claim to fame is having the first appearance of Superman, just sold for $965,000 at an auction in America.

This is an world auction record for any comic book.

There are supposedly about 100 copies of this comic in varying conditions, this one had a "bright" cover and was graded 5.5 out of a possible 10.

Makes buying Turkmen, Caucasian and Persian rugs seem like bargains. But remember the reason comics, and other collectibles like stamps, coins and just about everything else that fits under that rubric, outsell carpets is they have known attributions, professional organizations, and established grading systems that are widely recognized.

On the other hand, carpets of these types have no known attributions, no professional organizations, or grading systems.

And worse carpet dealers are world famous for being cheats and thieves. Hello dennis dodds, etc.

These obstacles are major, but so far the carpet fraternity has not been able, or even willing, to try and address them.

Hello michael franses and all you icoc flunkies. Had you been intelligent enough to realize the road to increasing collector and institutional interest lies not in lining your pockets selling your mostly overdated and over hyped wares but providing real work to develop standards and self-goverance that might show the world carpets and carpet dealers recognize their less than sterling reputation and are interested in doing something to change things.

Ha, no chance...

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