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Tue, Aug 2nd, 2016 01:03:27 PM
Topic: Sleaze [email protected]

RK has now proof positive sam the sham coad and ben rugbaffoon banayan have for a long time been blocking reader access to certain rugs offered for sale to ensure buying them themselves. This just happened again the other day.

Their sleazy little game works like this. Someone posts something good, and as soon as the item is posted coad and banayan block anyone else from seeing more pictures and additional information until they have called one of their 'clients' and made sure they could sell it.

Since they have no money, and in banayan's case absolutely no knowledge, they need to keep other possible buyers away until they can get someone to put the money up to buy for or from them.

This type of activity is at the least revoltingly greedy and at the max totally dishonest.

But what else to expect from those two losers...

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