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Sat, Jun 11th, 2016 12:59:09 PM
Topic: Who Says "It's Dead"?

Regional auction house Henry's in Mutterstadt, Germany (that's mother's town for all those non German speakers) has been having carpet-only sales for some years.

Usually the merch is so sub-par RK never bothered to watch any of the sale, see the results, or write-up a short review.

But this last sale, which occurred today June 11, 2016, had a couple of lots vaguely worth checking out.

The first, a well-known, well published triple column Ladik Prayer rug, and the other a small late 17th century Star Ushak of original small proportions. The Ladik was sliced down the center from top to bottom and resewn but it appears to have excellent color, a well drawn cartouche border and genuine mid-17th century dating. The Star Ushak, also published, was complete but sported mucho old repair and various other fault and flaw. But it also appears to have good color and well articulated drawing.

Neither was of any interest to us personally but since the sale was broadcast on liveauctioneers we tuned in to see how they would fare.

After watching about 30 lots sell, and every last one of them did sell, granted for low end prices but lately selling anything short of a masterpiece Classical carpet has been a hard row to hoe, the prayer rug went [email protected],000 euro and the Star Ushak sold for 6,000 euro plus 27% buyers commission.

Some hours later we checked back and saw the sale percentage was 97% plus sold !

A resounding success, even if they did sell medium to mediocre pieces for cheap prices, they sold them which is more than we can say for other sales we have witnessed lately.

So a word to the wise: All you auctioneers put low starting prices and estimates like Henry's did: Starting price 100 euro estimate 1,000 to 4,000 euro. Lots like that ended up selling for between 800 and 1500 euro.

Not a bad day's work when you have 316 lots, like Henry's did, and you end up selling 310.

Welcome to the New World of Rug auctioning...

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