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Sun, Apr 24th, 2016 03:36:09 PM
Topic: Beyond stupid, way beyond

Seems mohammad tehrani of galerie tehrani in Hamburg, Germany has learned nothing from two previous failures at organizing an online auction. So he is, believe it or not, organizing a third.

Now then there are degrees of failure: A modest failure, a large failure, a great failure and a colossal failure. To judge tehrani's two previous auctions as anything but colossal failures would be impossible. Both returned the largest unsold ratios of any oriental rug auctions RK has ever seen or heard.

So why then would tehrani not pack it up and quit? Do not ask us, go ask him as we find it unbelievable anyone would come back for more after being kicked in the butt so hard by the rug buying public he ended up wearing his ass for a hat (thanks to Clint Eastwood for that quote from "Outlaw Josie Wales")

For this third and equally predictable failure in the making, the goods on offer are slightly better, but not better enough to break the tehrani mold of internet rug auction disaster man.

Of the 157 lots on offer none are worth the proverbial second look, and all are instantly forgettable.

But lot 157, a mediocre small Anatolian khorjin face with no apparent virtues other than tehrani's desire to sell it, takes the cake for demonstrating tehrani's gross inability to understand the mechanics of internet rug sales, and more so his laughable belief anyone would want such a destroyed, ghastly looking, fragmented mediocrity at any price, perhaps even for free.

lot 157

It is sure every oriental rug dealer has at least a stack of rugs which he would like to see disappear, many have multiple stacks.

And we all know buyers will purchase rugs at auction that they would not purchase face to face in a gallery.

This is clearly tehrani's motivation. However, after failing twice, and miserably mind you, thinking a third auction with slightly better merchandise will succeed is as dumbass as thinking his second or first auctions had any chance of success.

Therefore, RK is giving mohammad tehrani our Fool of the Decade award, even though this decade still has 4 long years to go.

Call us clairvoyant but we believe no one in rugDUMB will succeed in earning this award with actions stupider than mohammad tehrani has now immortalized.

Author: jc
Sun, Apr 24th, 2016 03:36:09 PM

Someone once said: Records are made to be broken, and today mohammed tehrani outdid himself and broke a record we thought could not be broken.

He has organized three auctions that were so terribly subscribed calling them failures is generous.

Out of 127 lots in this latest sale only three sold. That works out to a whopping 2.36% sold, ie 97.64% unsold.

Either tehrani is a masochist of the highest order, or just the dumbest rug dealer to ever try and flog a carpet.

We are sure some bleeding hearts will feel 'sorry' for him. But how can you feel sorry for someone who is so stupid as to continue to fail at what they had already failed at several times before.

We all know Einstein defined stupidity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Well move on over Mr. E=MCsquared because tehrani not only keeps doing the same thing and expecting a different result, he keeps getting totally horrible results.

What could possibly motivate anyone to fail again and again?

Desperation is all we can imagine.

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