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Sat, Mar 12th, 2016 03:07:28 AM
Topic: Not so old a dog but an older trick

Since the skinner March 13, 2016 auction catalog went online and was mailed to subscribers RK has been privy to information that is somewhat troubling.

Surely not to us because we are not at all interested in anything on offer at this sale nor for the matter at any previous skinner sale since 2007, when we last purchased something in their saleroom.

However, we are sure many buyers have not heard this news nor will they even after we have made it public, as RK's readership does not include most of the people who buy the lower-middle to absolutely low-end goods skinner rug auctions successfully unload.

Since lawrence, aka larry, kearny has been in charge of the rug department we have heard, and also know from our own experience, he has been selling his own pieces in the sales he has organized.

This is really not news nor is it something we would even normally bother to mention.

But this sale, according to our sources who know for a fact the following is 100 percent true, the situation has gotten out of hand and a high percentage of the better lots on offer, totally about 50 as we have learned, belong to kearney. These include the cover lot and many pictured in the catalog, which BTW has very few pictures unlike the online catalog where every piece has one.

Whether he is consigning his own pieces in the sale with the knowledge of skinner's administration, or without their knowing by having someone else front the consigning, it still remains a gross violation of ethics and trust.

Is it illegal? No, in the state of Massuchettets it is legal for an auctioneer to sell merchandise he/she owns without noting this in the catalog. And michael grogan has been getting away with doing this for years, and RK has called him out for it.

And further in kearney's case, since he is not the auctioneer of record, skinner legally is, it further would exonerate him from having to legally make a declaration were it required.

But, and this is a big but, kearney is the expert for the sale and how can he possibly be honest about recommandations when the merchandise being sold is his? Same goes for sleezy michael grogan.

RugDUMB is full of non-transparency, back-door dealing and chicanery and although neither kearney, or grogan, can be legally charged with malfeasance they both are prime targets for accussations of ethical and moral turpitude.

What can be done?

Well, we think kearney should be encouraged to stand up before the sale starts and tell everyone in the audience which lots are his.

This is the least he could do since we know full well he will not withdraw any of them from the sale.

Author: jc
Sat, Mar 12th, 2016 03:07:28 AM

On Friday RK called and spoke to someone we have known for a longh time who is high up in the skinner auction company administration about the kearney situation.

We learned skinners does not know lawrence kearney had been selling his own merchandise in the past rugs sales, nor that he has placed a considerable number in the coming March 13th sale.

We were told they will "look into the matter", which is something we totally expected since we know skinner's auction is very protective of the great reputation for honesty and fair dealing it has espoused since founder Robert, Bob, Skinner started the business more than 50 years ago.

RK knew him and were he still alive we are sure he would haul kearney on to the carpet and give him a good talking to, if not show him the door.

As a matter of fact for all concerned to know RK did tell the skinner administrator we are not interested in being rugDUMB's inspector Clouseau but since no one else is willing or able to do so, and it is 100 pecent sure someone needs to, we have reluctantly assumed that role.

Let's see what happens.

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