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Sun, Feb 21st, 2016 01:39:39 PM
Topic: Predictably tehrani II auction Bombs Out

One thing is for sure, mohammad, if at first you don't suceed fail, fail again, tehrani's second attempt to be an auctioneers has bombed out.What is not at all sure is just how badly.

As readers can see from the screenshot above, taken from the online auction website, it seems to show lot 1 sold for 3,000 euro but closer inspection shows no bids, lot passed and no bid history.

It also shows an 8,000 - 10,000 estimate with a starting bid of 3,000.

So did anyone bid 3,000 and get it. Or did tehrani enter the bid himself to try and get things going and no one took the bait?

We do not know, nor do we care enough to try and find out.

By the way this same sold for but no bids, lot passed and no bid history appears on 12 other lots. Oh, and these 12 lots are the ONLY ones which "sold".

There were 183 lots in the sale that works out to a 7.10% sale rate. Well, that is if anything really sold, something we highly doubt.

Calling tehrani a glutton for punishment would be correct as his first effort was a predictable major failure, and it was totally predictable a second one would be as well.

So is he, and his rumored collaborator hans sienknecht, going to try again?

If they are let RK give them a token of free advice -- Don't do it.

After making complete fools of themselves the best move would be to pack it up and pretend it never happened.

But should they be fools enough to try again here's another RK tidbit -- get better quality merchandise and put dirt cheap prices on it.

Then they might sell 30-40%, otherwise it'll be nothing but a triple header disaster.

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