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Sun, Feb 7th, 2016 03:23:07 AM
Topic: Born too Late, Way too Late

Lot 80 estimate 8,000 - 10,000

Tehrani II is now online for everyone's amusement. We say amusement knowing hardly anyone in RugDUMB will be interested in this auction for any other reason than having a bit of a chuckle.

Persistence is surely an important attribute of success, we all know the famous aphorism "If at first you don't suceed try, try again". However when you do NOT learn from the mistakes you made the first ime around, and just repeat them, your persistence only appears to be foolhardy stupidity.

Hello mohammad tehrani. Another hello to his rumoured sidekick partner hans chrsitian sienknecht.

Yesshhh, what is wrong with these two ruggies?

To have made the mistake to plan, organize and put online a first auction that turned out to be the predictable failure it was might be excusable or explained by a curiosity to see what might happen.

But to turn around less than a month later and do the same thing, with basically the same mediocre level of merchandise which once more lacks even one interesting lot let alone a great one, is far from excusable. It's downright idiotic.

It's clear tehrani has seen the success auctioneers like Material Culture and Austria Auction Company have had and is trying to copy what they have done.

Poor Herren tehrani and sienknecht, their born too late copycat auction could not possibly succeed like Material Culture and Austria Auction Company's. The reasons are many and too easily determined for RK to bother enumerating. But we will say far too optimistic 'estimates', far too middle, lower middle and worse merchandise, far too little publicity and lastly far too little appreciation of timing are major ones.

Yes, timing is just about everything and that tehrani and sienknecht don't know interest in this type of merchandise has dwindled to the point of being almost nonexistent, unless the prices are dirt cheap and tehrani's auction is far from that, makes them appear to be dolts, dumber than the proverbial box of wet rocks.

Lot 80, probably one of the 'best' lots in the 183 offered, would not even be mentionable in any auction RK would consider to have a chance of good success, aka a selling percentage about 75%.

At 8 - 10,000 euro plus commissions it has, according to us, NO CHANCE OF SELLING unless tehrani and sienknecht buy it back themselves.

The first tehrani gallery sale sold 1.8%, the worst ever result for any auction OF ANY TYPE RK ever attended or heard about. Quite an achievement as we have been going to auctions since 1966, and seen 1,000's.

We are sure tehrani II will be equally as dismal as tehrani I but we are also sure Herren tehrani and sienknecht might jump into action on sale day to try and goose the audience into action by trying to make it appear there is interest.

This ploy will fail, and if they are stupid enough to put on a tehrani III with the same poor level of merchandise and mucho overly set estimates that too will fail, and fail miserably.

To wish clowns like them 'Good Luck' is not only a waste of breath, it boggles the mind with impossibility.

Oh, by the way, the sale contains a pant-full of middle to late 19th century Turkmen weavings, another sign sienknecht is intimately involved. For even he is smart enough to realize this type of Turkmen weavings is becoming worth less and less as each passing day becomes tomorrow, hence his trying to unload them.

A good idea but the wrong venue and the wrong price structure. Result will be failure...watch and see.

Author: jc
Sun, Feb 7th, 2016 03:23:07 AM

Before we leave this topic we'd suggest anyone interested in acquiring lot 80 inspect it very carefully. RK has some pretty strong suspicions it is not what it appear to be but thanks to the miserably low resolution photos and their being slightly out of focus when greatly enlarged we cannot tell if our thoughts are correct.

One thing is sure, we would not take it for free and have absolutely no further interest in determining whether or not it is the recent production (fake) we suspect.

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