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Wed, Jan 27th, 2016 02:21:12 AM
Topic: World's Worst [email protected] Carpet Auction, EVER

One of the only two lots out of 106 that sold

Recently RK mentioned the Monkey See Monkey Do rug auction mohammed tehrani, and presumably his covert business partner wanna be rug dealer hans sienknecht, organized.

Frankly we were about as interested in moving to the Antartica as we were in this event, one we believe was only an online auction listed on liveuctioneers.com.

That is how we learned of the sale as there was no real publicity, not even a banner mention on rugGRABit.com, that rag hali's website, any other rug website we know of; or, get this, not even on tehrani's own website.

This lack of publicity is, of course, incredibly stupid, in fact it is past stupid.

The 'sale' was held on Jan 23, 2016 and the results not only prove it but imply both terhani, and if it is true his partner sienknecht was involved, both of them deserve to be henceforth known as the beyond stupid twosome.

Ready for this: out of the 106 lots in the sale only TWO sold.

That works out to a percentage that is not only the worst for any auction EVER but almost ZERO percent. Actually it is 1.8%

Anyone might ask why bother to spend all the time and energy to assemble a sale, regardless if it is your own unsalable inventory, do photography, spend the time to sign up for the online platform, spend the time to list each item on that platform, pay for the use of the platform and then do zero publicity and expect on sale day you will turn a profit, or at least break even.

Naturally the answer to that question might be intense desperation on the part of a failing rug dealer, a gross inability to see the goods offered are no way comparable to others who have done this online auction process, to be idiotic enough to price those mediocre goods at 'retail', or need we say just possess an incredible and abundant lack of intelligence?

So will Herr terhani come back for more and play the "If at first you do not suceed try, try again?

Were this to be the case let him take some advice from RK: In your case, mein lieber Herr: "If at first you do not suceed, don't fucking bother to again prove yourself even stupider.

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