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Fri, Nov 27th, 2015 08:09:25 AM
Topic: Speaking of bottoming-out...

RK just learned Wannenes auction house in Genoa, Italy has appointed david sorgato, a struggling Milanese carpet dealer, to head their carpet and textile department.

This appointment can only be considered a shotgun marriage as Wannenes, like every other wanna-be rug auction house and its brother, is having extreme difficulties finding the type of exemplary carpets and related weavings the ever diminishing market is solely expressing real heated interest in; with dealers like sorgato likewise stretched to the point of breaking for the same reason.

Plus they, seemingly unlike auction houses where paddle waving clients are still relatively plentiful, have the double wammy of few clients and even fewer exemplary discoveries to tempt them.

Is it any wonder a Lawrence Kearny, former Boston rug dealer, is now plying the seas as captain of the skinner auction house rug department and according to today's announcement sorgato will try to do the same for Wannenes.

However, as lackluster as Kearney's midshipman's efforts have been RK is positive they will shine like a gold coin in the noon-day sun compared to what sorgato can possibly achieve, particularly if mediocre, uninteresting rugs in the catalog for his first sale, which will happen on Dec. 2 2015, are any judge of his future possibilities.

Remember Kearney inherited a robust, though decidedly low end, clientele of buyers and has all of New England USA, perhaps one of the best regions of the world to discover exemplary old carpets and rugs, but sorgato faces an almost empty book of buyers on his new desk at Wannenes, an over worked group of possible European collector consignors, and far fewer possibilities to score discoveries (from the European continent).

So while we naturally wish sorgato and Wannenes good-luck, RK will be surprised if this shot-gun marriage succeeds and lasts for even two years.

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