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Fri, Oct 2nd, 2015 08:09:39 AM
Topic: RK comments on sotheby Fall 2015 catalog

Fall 2015 is playing host to a season of more rug auctions than RK can remember. We have already mentioned the rippon-boswell bottom-scrapings sale and to go to the other end of the stick we will now shed a modicrum more light on the sotheby NY October 1st Rugs from Distinguished Collections offerings.

We have already expressed the underwhelmed state seeing sothebys preview highlights left us in, and now after viewing the entire sale of 194 distinguished offerings we dont feel a whole lot better.

Granted, RK is hard to please as only the masterpiece weaving can get us to sit up and drool. But nowadays even though our tastes are decidedly above even the most educated of those who believe themselves to be our equal, forget those who claim to out uber us, there are among the fatter wallets many who we believe are now astute and knowledgeable enough to feel likewise about this sale.

Good and a few very good examples are there for the taking but there is not one 10, a 9 and , or even a 9 to tempt those well heeled collectors/investors to splash some ink on their checkbooks.

Well, except lot 50.

In recent memory we wrote our disinterest in any longer providing pre-sale coverage and we are sticking to that position. Hence the above and the following few paragraphs are all we will provide for this seasons paddle waving exercises.

RK is not shy in dissing both auction house experts, like sothebys ms otsea, or most who call themselves rug collectors for their painfully apparent lack of real connisseurship.

A perfect example of this is comparing lots 50 and 51.

Lot 50, the Transylvanian Melas prayer rug which we already illustrated at the beginning of this missive, is the pick of the auction and one of the -- scratch one of the it is THE -- most beautiful prayers rugs of this type that has been on the market in our lifetime.

We picture it again below side by side with lot 51 a rather droll, dreary, derivative and boring column Ladik prayer rug.

The Melas is ten times the piece from all accounts and perspectives. We need to add providing it is not overly restored, something we do not know for sure as we have not seen it nor do we necessarily believe what sotheby might say.

But guess what?

The Ladik carries a $30,000 50,000 estimate and the Melas a $20,000 30,000.

Knowing the Melas is so far superior to the Ladik is a no brainer that only proves both ms. otsea and owner of both, long time hajji baba-ite Mr Thomas Farnham, have no rug brains between their ears.

This is what is wrong with rugDUMB: To say the field suffers so little real expertise, connoisseurship and knowledge is to underestimate this debilitating situation.

Were RK a buyer of Turkish prayer rugs we would surely not be cluing our competition in on our opinion.

However, since such woven baubles are not in our collecting sights we hope these words motivate a certain buyer we know to take home this prize to California by way of the mid-west.

Author: jc
Fri, Oct 2nd, 2015 08:09:39 AM

The sale's finished and in the record-books, though honestly nothing of record actually happened.

It does appear at least one attendee paddle-waver was not somnambulating with eyes open as he/she proved by win-bidding the exceptional Melas prayer rug (lot 50) to 50,000 dollars against a paltry and foolishly low 20,000-30,000 estimate.

Believe it or not this still was way under real value and RK congratulates the winning uber-bidder and can only give a loud Bronx-cheer to the far too timid underbidder.

The crappy Ladik column prayer rug, (lot 51) we illustrated alongside the Melas did not preform, (Gosh what a surprise [just joshing]).

It made 30,000 dollars against a 30,000-50,000 estimate, which was no bargain and still way too much for this ugly duckling.

The big nuke major lot and cover piece, lot 68 the Polonaise --- that nouveau-riche derivative workshop monstrosity (by the way ALL Polonaise rugs are derivative class-less monstrosities), made 790,000 including premium against an 800,000-1,200,000 estimate.

Clearly there was no competition and some sucker bought it against the reserve. Lucky consignor, unlucky paddle-waver.

The sale had a 56% sold percentage, which is not bad considering the present state of affairs and a careful analysis of those results shows the maturation of trends RK has been talking about for some years now.

We will leave it to readers to do that careful analysis on their own, as we no longer are interested in doing the heavy lifting for others -- enjoy doing it for yourselves.

We will mention something only a few know -- our knowledge, experience and expertise is now available for hire, so before you spend any serious money buying antique or decorative rugs and carpets enlisting our advisory services will guarantee saving you from buyer's remorse and worse getting stuck with over-priced money losing purchases. You can email us: [email protected] for an initial free consultation to discuss your interests and how we can help.

Never forget: The intricacies of the antique and historic oriental rug market are not easily fathomed and without expert help many buyers, like the new owners of that mediocre column Ladik or that trashy/flashy Polonaise, have thrown good money after lesser goods and will foolishly continue to do so until getting expert help.

And by the way, no carpet auctioneer we know, or have ever known, is really an expert. But more so none of them work for the buyer, as an auctioneer's commissions come from selling consignors goods for as much as possible and therefore their allegiance lies there and never with the buyer.

Like all sales-people these auctioneers pretend to candle to the buyer but once the hammer falls that fake concern disappears faster than that candle in the wind.

Caveat emptor.

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