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Fri, Oct 30th, 2015 02:33:08 AM
Topic: rippon-boswell bottoms out -- Ouch!

RK just had a look at the revoltingly miserable 260 item rippon-boswell 'general auction sale' that will take place on September 19, 2015.

There is not one lot worth looking at.

What is wrong with detlef maltzahn, rippon's owner and head honcho? Has he lost what few marbles were rattling around in his cranium?

If it is one thing rug collecting does not need it is more 'ebay quality' merchandise loaded onto the market regardless of the 'low prices' a sale like this one carries.

There are few buyers for low-end circa 1880-1920 pseudo collector rugs, and the fact a longtime participant in the marketplace like maltzahn can't figure this out amazes RK.

It is easy to predict this will be a less than 50% sale and let us give a big tip to maltzahn: Hey detlef, you fool, if you can't do something right don't bother to do it at all.

Are you so desperate to make a few thousand euro that you will trash your name and that of the formerly venerable one the auction company you first worked for and then bought into once had?

Wake up, chump, and get on the program.

Rug collecting needs auctions with superlative material, not bottom of the barrel castoffs like this sale overflows with.

And if you can't get such pieces? Better to do nothing than prostitute yourself any further.

Author: jc
Fri, Oct 30th, 2015 02:33:08 AM

RK recently learned rippon-boswell has cancelled their planned major fall 2015 auction.

This, coupled with their last disasterous sale on Sept. 2015, bodes poorly for any future this auction house might have.

RK can only say a premature good riddens to rippon-boswell and its owner detlef maltzahn, who in our opinion has done little but prove himself to be a turko-moron supreme.

Author: Timothy
email: [email protected]
Sat, Oct 17th, 2015 09:12:08 AM

RK Replies:

You see, Timothy, it should be obvious to all rugdumb is so infested with mis-and-dis-information, greed, stupidity, and in general a massive amount of nonsense it totally negates your position vis-a-vis what RK writes.

This is the reason the historic carpet and carpet collecting are about as low on the art totem pole as can possibly be.

Also there are, in the final analysis, very few really great carpets. Most, in fact almost all, are at best craft and at worst just ordinary commercial goods masquaraded by all concerned as 'art'.

How long have you been an interested party?

From what you write RK would have to guess not very long. Or if we are wrong, and you have been at this for many years, then obviously you are just another stupid icoc, gullible that rag hali magazine follower, kool-aid drinking, happy face.

Criticizing the messenger instead of working to remedy the subject of the message is unfortunately where you and many others are situated.

So instead of shoveling your insults at RK, go pick up that shovel and start to clear a true path through the bullshit that rugdumb is now mired in.

And RK can well assure you we have no envy of anyone else involved in the rug world, their knowledge, their collections, nor their supposed manly or pseudo-manly probably viagra enhanced attributes.


RK, you must really suffer from a small penis syndrome. With the massive amount of negativity you show towards rugs (excepting the handful of pieces which you, and only you peddle as being the best in the world) -- the hatred towards people who sell and buy them, I wonder why you don't choose another profession!

Author: Giulio
email: [email protected]
Wed, Sep 2nd, 2015 03:26:53 AM

Dear JC,I fully agree with you.RB is frankly disappointing and self bull shitting.Giulio.

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