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Thu, Aug 13th, 2015 01:42:41 AM
Topic: Dead on Arrival: icoc

No crystal ball or fortune teller was needed to predict the lighter than air Washington 2015 pseudo-icoc event would be a poorly attended and totally inconsequential affair.

Basically only the koolaid drinking party faithful turned out, although there were a few other lookie loos, mostly from the local environs, who trudged into sweltering hot foggy bottom DC to witness what RK can only liken to a dead on arrival enterprise.

Hastily thrown together by a desperate bruce aka big mouth baganz, chairman of the textile museum's patheticly incapable board of directors, and even more desperate icoc organizers this waste of time 'conference' did absolutely nothing to stem the tides of reality which have swamped and now threaten to drown these entities like rats in hurricane heavy seas.

The two icoc exhibitions were beyond anything noteworthy, even some of the faithful expressed publicly their disappointment.

The textile museum's show, which will close in September with no follow-up to come for at least several years, was a hodge-podge curatorial hiccup that compared to former efforts staged the now "old" Textile Museum was nothing but a grossly inferior, ill-conceived, failure on any level of consideration.

And the icoc 'lecture' series was, belive it or not, even worse with foolishly imagined topics like rugs on the internet and in contemporary painting.

Pathetic as it may be even simpleton topics like these could not be properly managed by organizers and participants whose abilities are as nonexistant as cheese on the lunar surface.

The dealer's show was poorly attended and even more poorly profitable to those who stupidly believed the hype there would be buyers galore.

So far we have heard not one who did enough business to pay for expenses, even those who came by car and brought their merch with them.

RK keeps repeating it's over for the stooges and clowns who run the icoc and the textile museum, forget the greedy among them who continue to feed off the pig's through they have created for themselves and their 'associates'.

Will rugDUMB ever stand up and say enough is enough and push those bums and losers out on their butts?

Sadly, we can only laugh at our belief this will ever happen.

Author: jc
Thu, Aug 13th, 2015 01:42:41 AM

It is surely interesting to note the complete lack of any 'news' concerning this event.

This is not unexpected.

Guess we all will have to await the next issue of that rag hali to see photographic proof of the vacant shining faces of the participants and read homilies to their equally as vacant words.

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