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Wed, Jan 20th, 2016 07:02:56 AM
Topic: Another Fake Soumak Bag, yawn

Below is a fake, reproduction soumak khorjin RK will be delighted to bet the farm on.

bruce aka big mouth baganz 'collection' published deYoung Museum website

There are lots of these fakes and only reasons we are publishing it is because it is on the deYoung Museum website, proven pseudo-expert john wertime used it for his lecture's advertising there, and (heralded by rug morons) self-professed uber soumak bag collector bruce baganz, the chairman of the textile museum board of directors, owns it.

Mr baganz doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to soumak bags or any other type of oriental rug, and weretime is not so far behind.

Recently a reader sent us a link to this page (http://deyoung.famsf.org/calendar/eighth-annual-caroline-and-h-mccoy-jones-memorial-lecture-womens-vision-woven-gems-islamic) questioning if we knew of any soumak bag like it.

We replied and said yes we did, but this one is an obvious fake, a reproduction.

It was published in conjunction with a 'lecture' john, aka weretime, wertime was giving at the deYoung about soumak bags earlier this year.

RK is absolutely not suprised alleged expert weretime was fooled and tricked into thinking this was a genuine 19th century khorjin.

We know a number of other equally as stupid mistakes weretime has made with soumak bags and believe his reputation, like that of a number of others in rugDUMB, is more inflated than the Hindenburg.

This khorjin is a copy of one formerly in the William T Price collection, with whereabouts presently unknown to us.

It was sold to Price by berj andonian in the late 1970's, and was one of a pair. Andonian kept the other and would never sell it, though we asked many times. It too is now whereabouts unknown.

Unfortunately we cannot find the jeg we have of it at the moment, but if we do we will post it here.

However, there is no other evidence needed to know baganz's is a fake and we will be glad to bet anyone we are correct.

So big mouth bruce put your money up and learn something about soumak bags and that weretime is as lost in the sauce as you when it comes to identifying a fake khorjin from the real thing.

Author: jc
Wed, Jan 20th, 2016 07:02:56 AM

RK does not belong to any social media, no twitter, no farcebook, etc. so we often miss out on the postings of photos done by that rag hali and others, as well as what appears in the moderated internet rug discussiongroups.

Honestly, we could care less as from what we know 99.9% of what appears therein is worthless, time-wasting, drivel and airport-art quality rug pics.

But every blue moon or so we do click the farcebook link on that rag halis website to see what they have posted. We did that yesterday for the first time in more than a year. And after spending about 30 minutes our disinterest in getting involved was never more stoked.

Anyway, we did spy this soumak salt bag from the collection of seriously turko-challenged gerard pacquin, which was exhibited at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

RK is willing to be dollars against donut-holes pacquins soumak salt bag is a recently produced copy, ie a fake. It's as blatantly bogus as baganz's.

Here is that rag halis dopey caption

Like bruce, big mouth, baganz pacquin knows far less than enough about soumak bags to be able to discern a recent fake from a period piece.

Sadly, the schmucks at that rag hali dont either.

Should any of them question our opinion we will be delighted to debate our views anytime and anywhere.

PS: Of course RK knows none of them will attempt to because they know we will make them look even more foolish than they already do.

Nuff said

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