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Tue, Aug 4th, 2015 01:45:04 AM
Topic: icoc: Con of a 'conference'

The upcoming ballyhooed icoc 'event', the so called Aug 2015 'conference', is nothing but a sham, slammed together to massage the egos of a group of rug-world losers, liars and creeps.

RK has already lambasted this bunch and their piss-poor accomplishments and far worse than terrible leadership.

Today on that rag hali's website the following short blub appeared.

Let RK translate the hali-speak for those who might not understand the Orwellian crapola that underlies the majority of their reportage.

Our comments appear in below in bold type.

"One of the key selling points of the upcoming 13th International Conference on Oriental Carpets in Washington DC (6 9 August 2015) is that in addition to the new-look academic programme and several relatively modest loan exhibitions from local private collections, it offers a final chance to see the new Textile Museum at George Washington Universtys inaugural exhibition, Unraveling Identity: Our Textiles, Our Stories, which also closes on August 9th."

Since this upcoming 13th International Conference on Oriental Carpets in Washington DC (6-9 August 2015) is a conference in name only and actually nothing but a hardly transparent attempt to make more some money to pay for the icoc organization's generous freebies given to those they favor, as well as to pay the travel and other expenses for their board members to attend meetings to plan more ways to enrich the organization that feeds them forget any other alleged purpose for its happening.

What is stupidly called the 'new-look academic program' is equally as specious.

Letting the likes of rug-morons like dr steve price and john howe, or lying through their teeth carpet-baggers like bruce baganz and dennis dodds on a stage is not only ludicrous, it demeans the intelligence of any audience even one as sheepish and brain-dead as will be sitting in front of these creeps to applaud them.

Even rugDUMB's cheerleaders like those at that rag hali couldn't bring themselves to say anything better than calling the exhibitions 'modest'. Something anyone with half a brain knows will be nothing than exhibitions chockfull of mediocre weavings, whose choice was far more determined by rug-world politics than by their rarity or quality.

And to hype the "Unraveling Threads" exhibition as anything but a kindergarten level waste of space exhibition with about as much curatorial excellence behind it as goes into chosing what pair of socks one will wear tomorrow morning makes mockery of the former exhibitions and ground breaking shows the 'old' Textile Museum produced.

It is totally apparent to all but the blind faithful the new improved textile museum is a failure of gargantuan proportions, their inability to create a schedule of coming carpet exhibitions just the tip of the iceberg that has rammed bogus bruce baganz and his board of pissant director's would be Titanic move of GH Myer's great gift to its present location.

RK hopes many people will attend this event and speak up against baganz and the board of director's in group behind closed doors rape and destruction of the textile museum.

And don't forget the rotten tomatoes and eggs to pelt baganz and dodds, the gruesome twosome of rugworld louts, as they open their mouths to further foul the air with their excuses and deceitful self-congratulary bullshit.

Author: jc
Tue, Aug 4th, 2015 01:45:04 AM

With only two days to go RK just checked again and on the icoc website there still are no "speaker bios" posted.

We imagine it's just too much work to encapsulate the less than significant 'careers' the majority of the talking heads chosen to particpate have had.

Oh well, frankly this and other gaffs are to be expected.

As we wrote elsewhere we do sincerely hope many people will turn out for this event and use the opportunity to question creeps like bruce baganz and dennis dodds about their dubious to say the least actions.

But alas RK knows well even if 1,000 people show up not one will open a mouth to confront baganz or dodds.

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