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Thu, Jul 30th, 2015 01:25:50 AM
Topic: It's Official: No Future Carpet Exhibitions

Yesterday RK got offical word the new improved " saved for the future" textile museum has no plans to show any carpets, rugs or textiles for the forseeable future.

In fact the museum's exhibition space is actually not theirs but a shared facility with the Albert H. Small Washingtoniana Collection and there are no rug, carpet or textile exhibitions on its schedule, or any other issued by George Washington University that is now the official 'owner' of the former GH Myer's Textile Museum.

So after all the hype and bogus publicity that surrounded the forced move or go out of business from the two elegant townhouses in central Georgetown (Washington) DC to foggy bottom and the ugly cheap set-up GH Myers world famous textile and carpet collection now finds its self enscounced in the end result is the museum might as well have closed its doors.

Why is there no future carpet or textile exhibition on the schedule for the next two years, or maybe more?

Go ask big mouth bruce baganz the chairman of the board?

RK suggests every reader email the museum and demand to know what is going on behind their closed doors.

Clearly baganz and the feckless bunch of schmucks on his board of directors have failed miserably to do anything but further destroy this museum.

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