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Sat, Jul 23rd, 2016 01:28:04 AM
Topic: What an idiot

The two morons who run rugrabbit.com are of no interest to RK; idiots of huge proportions is all we, or anyone else, could say.

Sam the sham coad is a sniveling, sneak-thief liar whose exploits in rugDUMB, as well as his pathetic life waiting for his mother to die to supposedly leave him a comfortable inheritance, and fathering fatherless children, demonstrate his lower than a snake character.

His rugrabbit partner, ben banayan, is a still wet behind the ears rugDUMB newbie who has managed in over the past few years to carve out the reputation of a pompous, postering rug ignorant.

But his offer today to sell 3 Austria Auction catalogues for 45 dollars takes the cake for stupidity.

Austria Auction catalogues are FREE and we are sure anyone who would contact them could still get these gratis.

As for banayan's 'selling them for a friend'? Where have we heard this excuse before.

Only a turd-bag greedy shithead like banayan would try to resell something that is free.

What's his next move?

Surely it can't be more idiotic than this one.

Author: jc
Sat, Jul 23rd, 2016 01:28:04 AM

The anniversary of a high point in rugDUMB....congrats ben banayan.

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