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Thu, Jun 25th, 2015 05:32:06 AM
Topic: Lacademics the 2015 icoc speaker program

Were we sure the organizers of the coming icoc in Washington DC are not trying to be comedians we would be laughing heartily with them at their planned academic program. But they surely arent, and thats pathetic.

Plus our calling their attempt lackademics is generous, as the following comments will make readily clear.

From the top we must say none of the former icoc events, besides the first one, were academically heavy weight. But this line up makes even the worst of them appear scholarly.

For starters letting madam elena tsavera, the Russian pseudo-carpet scholar and fairy tale spinning academe, give a lecture entitled When knots tell stories and expect to hear anything but more of her hoffmeister Turkmen collection publications ridiculous interpretative dribble strains the mind of anyone who might mistakenly have placed some confidence in the icocs self-generated academic hype.

Madame elenas myth making explanations of Turkmen weaving culture might make acceptable childrens bedtime stories. However, they surely have not done anything to advance Turkmen studies.

If she is the star speaker RK can only suggest anyone with a brain forgo attending any of the lectures and find something better to do in DC, which by the way has numerous more worthwhile attractions than hearing the deluded former paramour of robert pinner playing Rapunzel to strains of the Brothers Grimm.

Giving tsavera the stage to tell stories about knots is bad but allowing dennis, the liar cheat and thief dodds, on next for anything other than a public hanging boggles the mind.

Who except dumb as dirt icoc toadies and equally as sycophantic brown nosed hajji babaites could stand the sight of this man who cheated a major museum; who more than once mounted shows in lesser ones to sell his inventory in their hallowed halls to nave attendees; who has over-dated, over-priced and over estimated countless rugs sold to unsuspecting collectors drawn into his greasy clutches because of his position as head of the icoc.

No, no, folks, something is wrong with this picture and the fact the icoc committees continues to allow dodds to ply his trade under the guise of academics denudes any attempt to see this organization as anything but a cash-cow patronage trough pigs and lesser animals congregate around.

Hidden messages in rug designs is the title of dodds talk, a perfect vehicle to allow this carpet-bagging miscreant to invent more nonsense to demonstrate why collectors should buy his over-rated merchandise.

The only hidden message here is stay away from even thinking about opening your wallet when you are in the presence of pick-pocket dodds.

Then to spread credibility so thin as to make it transparent textile museum president bruce, big mouth, baganz, who is primarily responsible for the dismantling of GH Myers Textile Museum, will be allowed the stage to try and convince listeners how he has created Textile Museum sustainability assured.

Believing anything this proven big talking, cash wasting as long as it aint his, self-aggrandized rug moron and idiot is nothing but a recipe for a screw-job.

Had baganz and his dumbass board of directors really tried to sustain and save Myers Textile Museum it would still be standing in the two elegant townhouses where it had been for more than half a century and not shunted off to share an ugly and ungainly purpose built facility trying to pretend it is a museum.

Baganz and his board of directors wasted millions of dollars on his grandiose plans, none of which made any sense and worse none of which even came close to completion.

Thats the true story of what happened and how a petty, fat-face, bloated wanna-be rug world Julius Ceasar, who in reality was nothing but a wastrel Nero, destroyed Myers Textile Museum, the most visible and significant monument to the Art of Oriental Carpets.How this baganz character has the gall and gumption to try and trumpet his decade long abject failures is only matched by allowing dennis the thief dodds equal time on the same stage.

Both of them deserve to be pelted with eggs and rotten apples and not applauded by mindless robotic idiots who will sit their butts in chairs facing that stage.

Following big-mouth baganz will be textile museum lightweight Samru Krody speaking on the following topic: The Textile Museum at George Washington University: A new Future for study and research on oriental carpets

What BS, who could be believe after destroying GH Myers museum those now in charge will create a new future?

Please, this twists the mind of anyone who can add 2 plus 2 and get 4.

Krody and baganz are both vainly trying to deflect the criticisms only RK has been brave enough to make public, and to prevent anyone who has not read them to believe a tsavera worthy fairy-tale that baganz has saved the textile museum and Krody will be able to do anything to further rug studies other than talk about it.

The amateurish, stupidly conceived and executed, inaugural exhibition Unraveling Threads demonstrated for all to see the pathetic inability someone like Krody brings to carpet studies.

And we are sure its all down hill from there as far as she is concerned.

But what else to expect with a loser, rug ignorant moron like baganz as her chief.

Moving on will be wendel aka swindle swan talking on a perfect topic for someone who spent decades trying and succeeding to connive and cheat the relatives of old time carpet collectors into selling him their pieces for old time prices while they had become far more valuable in the ensuing years since purchased.

Swan is just another creepy crawly carpet-bagging grifter who, as long standing rumors have it, has profited handsomely from these unethical dealings.

Reflections on collecting and collectors is the title but we are sure swindle swan will not be discussing his exploits in scoring valuable examples from unsuspecting inheritors.

And to think swan, the former water-boy for rich hajji baba collectors like Joseph McMullan, McCoy Jones and others, is now a big honcho in rugland is another joke because swan knows little more than he did then and proves it almost every time he opens his yapper and pontificates about the oriental carpet.

Saving the best, Ha Ha, for last will be a roundtable discussion on the Virtual Carpet: internet and social media, their role for carpet studies and collecting.

Moderated by an unknown nobody a young Italian rug dealer with new ideas (who) is involved in various forums on internet and Facebook.. the panel discussion will feature steve price, john howe and others.

The widespread public internet is now basically 20 years old, facebook about 12 or so. In this time frame not one internet website, other than RKs RugKazbah.com, has offered up any real substantial information or peer review and critique of rare and collector oriental carpets.

And to think anyone would seriously credence facebook, twitter or any other so-called social media, to be, or become, anything other than a kindergarden playground platform for inept rug pundits and pontificators makes RK nauseous enough to blow lunch.

RugDUMB is rotten at the top and only an icoc pogrom, not an icoc program, should be undertaken.

Time has long been past to begin cleaning out the atrophied, self-serving, proven do nothing, icoc committees stacked with imbeciles who cannot produce anything better than this coming farce of a conference in Washington.

RK knows this will never happen thanks to all you sheeple ruggies who are afraid to stand up and be counted.

So the baganzs the dodds and the rest of the half-brain crew continue to destroy any possibility oriental rug studies will be taken seriously by other academic and art disciplines and the worlds art museums.

This bottom feeding, lacademic, icoc is nothing but another hastily assembled ludicrous attempt to validate carpet studies and appreciation.

One that is so poorly construed and painfully obvious only those who are too busy congratulating each other for it, and those applauding them, cannot see it.

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