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Tue, May 5th, 2015 01:53:32 AM
Topic: rugrabbit.com aka rugrabid.com

Although the two rug world entrepreneurs, sam the sham coad and ben know nothing beneyan, have tried unsuccessfully to ban RK from using their website we are not mad at them enough to prevent us offering a bit of advice concerning their present server issues which have taken their website offline for the past three days.

Listen up, lads, quit hosting your website on your own hardware and get professional hosting.

By doing so you will not have the usual short interruptions which consistently plague your online status. And, of course, you will never experience three consequetive days offline.

This is not rocket science, but clearly coad and beneyan are so intellectually challenged such a simple solution escapes them.

Needless to say this also is apparent in every other endeavor they attempt.

Frankly RK wonders how, without help, these two losers are able to don matching socks and tie their shoe laces.

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