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Sat, Jul 25th, 2015 04:15:29 PM
Topic: textile museum: Down for the count

Some weeks ago RK heard a hush-hush rumor the brand new improved textile museum was basically shutting down for the foreseeable future after the September 2015 closing of its inaugural exhibition "Unraveling Threads".

This immediately struck us as unbelievable after all the ballyhoo and self-congratulary hype bruce big mouth baganz, the museum's chief executive, that rag hali magazine and others talked up how the museum had "finally" been "saved" and could now fulfill its mission with a secure future backed supposedly by new and fantastic abilities thanks to baganz and the museum's board of directors.

This rumor was so hush-hush not only did few in rugDUMB know about it, those that should have, and probably did, refused to talk about it.

It has now taken us weeks to confirm with 100% certainty it's true and after September the museum will go into a state of hibernation, and no one knows when it will re-emerge.

No exhibitions are planned and we could not get any definitive word on whether or not access to the museum's collection of carpets in their new research center would be possible.

And while the long ongoing textile museum Fall Symposiums, which in former years focused on oriental carpets, will take place in October 2015 its topic will not be carpets but rather "Picturing China: Qing-Dynasty Photography and Fashion".

Seems to us for all intents and purposes RK predictions about big mouth baganzand the feckless stooges on his board of directors have come true and, in fact, they have destroyed the museum, hampered its mission and created a textile museum in name only.

Time will tell but we believe until baganz, his board of director stooges, and the hapless curators who are drawing salaries and doing nothing other than polishing their nails are kicked out the front door and capable replacements are installed GH Myers Textile Museum will flounder and sink into the hole in the ground baganz and company have dug for it and themselves.

It's time for rugDUMB to speak up.

Below is our original post.

There is a rumor circulating throughout the most inner circles of those in the know in RugDumb.

RK learned of it some days ago and could not believe it was anything but nonsense.

But now, after hearing it from two other even more reliable sources, we are convinced enough in its validity to post it here for our readership.

Honestly, you probably are not going to believe this but the new, "improved" Textile Museum, the same one which just had its re-opening several weeks ago, will not have any future exhibitions once the inaugural one closes in September.

Yes, they are shutting down the museum for, as the rumor has it, at least two years.

If this is the case, it validates everything RK has said and written about the chairman of the museum's board, bruce 'bigmouth' baganz, and the crony filled board of rug-morons he chairs.

What more can we say other than it is time for everyone who believes baganz's handling of the situation of the museum's demise and move to its present quarters is far more than hapless to stand up and do something.

We believe it borders on malfeasance and corporate delegation of duty and letting him and the board get away scot-free is another outrage.

The actions baganz and his board have taken throughout this long debacle of "saving the Textile Museum" need to be carefully and methodically inspected, and if reasons are found for suit or prosecution they need to be instituted.

Closing down the museum for two years after all the crapola hype and publicity of his having "secured the Textile Museum's" future?

How low can you go, baganz, you douchebag, feckless, cretin...

Author: jc
Sat, May 16th, 2015 11:45:41 AM

Today RK received an email from a longtime reader and after gaining consent we are publishing part of it here.

We are doing it anonymously per the sender's request.

"I had my first chance to visit the new TM this past weekend, when I was down in DC retrieving my youngest after he finished up his sophomore year in college.

I agree that both the exhibit and the building missed the mark.

I did, however, greatly enjoy a few pieces individually, including the Jenkins asmalyk and particularly the Yomud main carpet.

Since my rug activities dont go back to the 1980 exhibit, I dont believe Id previously had a chance to see these items except in pictures.

I appreciated your writing on the Munkacsi sale.

As always, its surprising to see lesser pieces fare well when better ones go begging, although I guess its been going on so long it shouldnt be surprising any more.

If our information is correct the Textile Museum will close down in September 2015, so any readers who want to see for themselves best plan to do it before then.

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