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Fri, Mar 27th, 2015 01:08:07 PM
Topic: Textile Museum re-opens to no fanfare but its own

With little to no fanfare, at least any RK could locate, the Textile Museum (TM) founded and endowed by George Hewitt Myers in 1925 reopened March 21, 2015 as a part of George Washington University (GWU) in D.C.

RK has for years railed rhapsodic about the complete and utter failure the museums feckless board of directors, led by that revolting douchebag big mouth bruce baganz, perpetrated to save the museum when in fact they only destroyed it.

Proof is in the pudding, a now gelatinous gooey mess splattered all over bruce and his merry band of incompetent useless idiots who were well paid throughout their decade long farcically pathetic plans and schemes to save what Myers built.

Moving it from the exquisite townhouse Myers once inhabited along with the property next door he then bought to display his textile treasures to a soul-less ugly mediocre designed and purpose built structure on the GWU campus could never be anywhere close to the supposed successful transition into the future big-mouth baganz and others who were involved in this travesty continue to bray about.

RK took a look on the GWU website, wherein lies the only information about the re-opening, and heres most of what we found, saw and heard.

This photo shows one of the new Textile Museum galleries. What a soul-less cheap environment anyone who remembers the elegant rooms where Myers collection formerly was displayed would have to remark.

The above and the other two below are screenshots from a video stream entitled Take a first look at the new museum on the GWU website we encourage all readers to watch. It can be found here:


The best part is, of course we are joking, douchebag baganzs fantasy blah blah about the greatness the move from Myerss townhouses to the GWU campus will entail.

What complete horseshit.

Notice douchbag bruces penchant to talk out of the side of his mouth, its no accident. Hes a snake-oil salesman in a crummy sharkskin suit who perpetually does so because everything he says is crapola.

Here are a few quotes from big-mouth bruce:

The Textile Museum has a long history of art, scholarship, education and the promotion of cultural understanding.

RK might add the word had to these and other accomplishments the TM had before incapable baganz and his crews dumbass ideas and indecision dismantled and destroyed that heritage.

And it is a natural to be part of a university.

A natural?

The only natural thing here is the blatantly apparent fact after all the big plans big-mouth bruce concocted and failed miserably to execute the merger with GWU was the only alternative.

A last ditch, last choice effort now heralded as a saving grace. Only a charlatan creep like baganz could have the nerve and gumption to mouth such complete fallacy and falsehood.

George Washington University with great international stature will help the Textile Museums core audience locally, nationally and internationally get to a higher level than it had been about to get to on its own.

One need not be a tenured professor to realize GWU is a second-rate university at best that will now or ever be able to equal let alone surpass the local, national and international reputation the Textile Museum formerly created and maintained since 1925 as the worlds preeminent institution of historic weaving.

Where is the TM's curatorial greatness big-mouth bruce constantly intones is happening under his leadership?

If hanging a Tekke Bird Asmalyk next to a far eastern 'gown' decorated with a bird-like rooster, as the picture below shows, is any clue someone better tell bruce this is not curatorial expertise it's nothing but a juvenile attempt to simulate it.

One can only say like all Madison-avenue style new improved advertising what baganz and his TM board cronies have done is no improvement over what was.

It can only rightfully be called a sacrilege.

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