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Wed, Mar 18th, 2015 05:29:37 AM
Topic: Eulogizing Vok and his Collection: Part 3

Today RK was moved to the point of nausea reading the moronic garbage published about Ignazio Vok in the 1/2015 edition of "carpet collector" magazine.

If their reportage was not bad enough on almost every page of this immediate throw-away addition to the oriental rug field, the following makes the rest of the crapola appearing in this and every other issue seem fresh, worthwhile and erudite.

"Ignazio Vok has never hidden behind the pretense of tapetology and is also not perceived as a guardian of cultural heritage. Instead, he is considered an aesthete. In this sense he has actually done more for antique textile art than some meticulous knot counters or proponents of pure academic research."

Who ever wrote this bullshit deserves to be permanently smeared for life with it. And this is no red badge of courage.

Of course someone like Vok, who actually knows nothing about the textiles he collected other than the prices he paid and what they look like, could not don the mantle of a tapetologist.

He probably couldn't differentiate between the front of any of his suzani and the commercial Russian block-print fabrics on their backs without expert help.

And so far RK has never met anyone who considered him an "aesthete" who was not either being financially supported by him or hoping to be.

But we, and others we know, consider him to be nothing more than a dilettante know-nothing collector whose only collecting ability is bending his wallet to pay for what others tell him is "good"

No, no Ignazio Vok, unlike any collector genuinely worth the praise to high heaven fools like those who wrote this carpet collector article or what appears in the rippon-boswell catalog prefaces, deserves to be portrayed as we have done.

And to remark, as "carpet collector" claims Vok has done more for "antique textile art" than "meticulous knot counters or proponents of pure academic research is far more than poking oriental rug studies in the eye with a pointed stick, it is doing so in both eyes and then knee-capping it.

But, naturally, the light-weight simpletons who toil at the desk where carpet collector issues are hatched couldnt possibly realize the stupidity and sheer defamatory accusation such a comment portends.

And if all the above was not sickening enough get this:

His way of collecting shifted the focus away from ethnological and more towards the artistic.

Hello, Hello, earth to carpet collector space-men, Ignzaio Vok is not the first person to appreciate oriental textile beauty, nor have his say-nothing publications done anything to advance appreciation for our field.

Had Vok or his vanity publications provided any new information or any new and unique insight such strong criticism as ours would be far out of place.

However, the sad fact for Vok remains neither he nor his publications did anything even in the broadest sense to approach such goals.

Vok is nothing but a rich man who chose for whatever personal reasons to become a collector in our field and his coming and going will be as soon forgotten as fast as the ink dried on the checks he wrote to acquire his collection.

The totally obvious fact he has personally not written one quotable utterance or even hired someone to do so in his name, speaks volumes, as we have already stated, to prove his deaf-mute status in rugDUMB.

All RK can say is good riddance to him and the sickening unwarranted eulogies to his rug-collecting printed in carpet collector magazine and the rippon-boswell auction catalog prefaces.

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