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Thu, Mar 12th, 2015 06:27:35 PM
Topic: skinner March rug auction catalog released

RK just thumbed through the skinner oriental March 2015 rug auction catalog, which is the second sale assembled by lawrence, aka larry, kearney.

Frankly to call it a mediocre effort is generous, there is not one stand out weaving in any category.

RK recently wrote we are no longer interested or going to supply pre-sale comments for any sales or items therein. However, there is one lot in the skinner sale we cannot avoid mentioning:

Lot 104

Mistakes like this, calling an at best early 19th century supposed Anatolian "village" rug 17th/18th century, is one an "expert" like kearney should be way past making. Clearly he isn't, nor we must comment is he the guiding light various collectors mistakenly believe in.

This rug is a workshop mediocrity poorly posing as the real thing.

There are just too many deficiencies, faults, errors and mistakes that demonstrate this for us to bother to enumerate.

RK is thinking of giving kearney the moniker "larry the know-little kearney" in any future references to him or his 'expertise'. Not so much for this boner but for others we have watched him make.

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