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Tue, Mar 10th, 2015 10:07:22 AM
Topic: Nagel Stuttgart March auction catalog released

The March 24th 2015 auction catalog for the Nagel Auction, Stuttgart Germany, has been released and is online at their website: http://www.auction.de.

This is a vast improvement over the last few sales with a good animal-tree asmalyk, a few other interesting Turkmen weavings, a double-niche Ushak, a Lotto and two Transylvanian rugs, one a rarely seen but decidedly on the late side prayer rug.

Naturally there is a gaggle of 19th century Caucasian weavings, led by a published 'book cover' pinwheel Kazak and some good decorative 20th century Persian rugs and carpets.

Condition issues abound in the collector pieces but today's rug-market definitely values age over condition, something RK has been championing for four plus decades and is glad to see has finally taken traction.

Unfortunately, there are not that many collectors left which is also something RK has been talking about, though surely for not as long as this situation has only become brutally apparent in the past five or so years.

The aging collector demographic is partly responsible but more so is the gross failure of rugDUMB to attract the new and serious collectors required to fill the shoes of those who have passed away or are jettisoning their collections.

This issue is an important one that all auctions and carpet dealers face but Nagel's rug auction faces something that is far more serious -- the auction's timing considering the two sales taking place soon thereafter.

The first is part one of the Vok collection at rippon-boswell Weisbaden Germany and the second the Kurt Munkasci collection at Austria Auction Company in Vienna Austria.

Both of these sales hugely overshadow Nagel's offerings.

We would like to take this opportunity to mention for the foreseeable future we will no longer publish any pre-sale auction comments and will limit ourself to some post-sale analysis.

Tune in then...

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