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Sat, Mar 7th, 2015 02:03:57 PM
Topic: Born too late, like 400 years

Readers of RugKazbah.com know of RK's past critiques of ronnie newmann's penchant to over-date, over-estimate importance and over-charge for his wares but today we spied newmann's most egregious over-dating lunacy.

Calling this late 18th/early 19th century prayer rug fragment 15th century takes the cake and eats it box and all.

What is newmann drinking?

Or has he finally succumbed to total dementia?

Only a true rug-moron could possibly try to insinuate this fragment is among the earliest known prayer rugs. Something that is so impossibly absurd it should go down in the annuals of rug collecting as the stupidest dating ever placed on an oriental rug.

Were it his first RK might have overlooked and excused it as a mistake but newmann is a serial abuser of over-dating and immune to any such consideration or excuse.

Like dodds, franses, two other serial over-daters, newmann is in desperate need of a major long over due reality check.

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