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Sun, Mar 1st, 2015 12:05:52 PM
Topic: sotheby rug dept. Forced to Retreat

The proposed repeat of the questionably 'successful' sotheby sale, Carpets from Distinguished Collections which was to take place in March 2015, has been put back to October 2015. Readers who have read RK review of the sale will understand why it was not the success sotheby, that rag hali and others have quite errantly pictured.

For this second go-round RK has heard various rumblings mary joe otsea the rug department's head, who formerly was the department's secretary, has been rushing around trying to convince aging collectors to consign their best pieces.

However, her somewhat feeble efforts were largely rebuked hence the cancellation and rescheduling into October.

There is one story floating around that otsea paid a visit to someone who had already made concrete plans to dispose of their rug collection.

After making her pitch, during which time the collector sat quietly saying nothing, her face turned a brighter shade of red when she learned the future of the collection in question had already been decided with a done deal one of her competitors had already inked.

Nothing like making a fool of yourself by having piss-poor information, now is there ms otsea?

Anyway as we have also heard, many of otsea's targeted collectors for the second sale have realized the first Carpets from Distinguished Collections made money only for sotheby but not for the consignors, as many of the lots sold for appreciably less than they had originally paid.

And after commissions losses were even greater.

So better luck next time, ms otsea, but take this bit of advise from RK: get your chickens in line before you sit on eggs you expect to hatch or you'll again end up with scrambled yolk stuck to your butt.

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