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Sun, Mar 1st, 2015 09:50:13 AM
Topic: Next icoc: Lite, Or Not At All?

It's official...after the rumor-mongering that has been circulating for the past weeks, there will be a so-called icoc in Washington, DC this august.

The 13th International Conference on Oriental Carpets will take place in August 2015

But is a hastily planned and calendared 'event' held in conjunction with the opening of the supposedly "new improved" textile museum really an icoc?

RK says blahooey and bullshit, it ain't.

Let's all remember the last one was the joke in Vienna (2014) that was basically a hali tour masquerading as an icoc.

This one appears to be the same -- only a vehicle for that rag hali to rake in commissions on airfares and hotel rooms to supplement their ever declining bottom-line from selling a magazine that is now shunned by more people than welcome it. And whatever they don't pocket will go to provide freebies for icoc honchos.

RK is yet again amazed at the gall and hubris, forget idiocy, of trying to float this totally transparent 'hope to make a buck' by the stooges at that rag hali at the expense of anyone foolish enough to travel across the country or across oceans to attend.

RK can easily predict who will be the "speakers", who will be given a free ride free hotel room and meals, who will be 'honored' and who will bestow those dubious sullied honors.

Let RK be the first to extend our middle finger at 'no walk crybaby' franses and bruce 'big mouth' baganz, the gruesome twosome behind this dead-on-arrival farce.

Let RK also predict an overpriced 'conference' travel package, overpriced admission ticket, and of course overpriced 'special priced for attendees' hotel rooms.

Worth also remembering is the fact not one icoc was well organized or executed when they had 3-5 years lead time to plan it. How do you think they'll then do with only a six month lead time?

And BTW don't expect a call for papers, which is a must for any real international conference.

Don't expect any 'special' events, as the only event will be the re-opening of the recently moved textile museum.

And, hello, anyone and everyone can go there to see it on their own...you don't need to line the pockets of the icoc organization so they can perk rug-morons like wendle the swindler swan and others, who even the thought of makes RK gag.

Best of luck to anyone foolish enough to take the bait...

Author: jc
Sun, Mar 1st, 2015 09:50:13 AM

RK just did a few minutes of web surfing to see the icoc website, http://www.icoc-orientalrugs.org, and the textile museum's, http://museum.gwu.edu.

On the icoc website there is still an announcement for their "5 21 September 2014 Tour of Vienna". There's not one word about the upcoming textile museum 'icoc'. Some organizers these lummoxes are?

And on the textile museum website we found the following in quotes below, but first: Notice the official opening is March 21, 2015 -- not in august as the icoc clowns are hyping.

Of greater note is that attendance is free - Free - FREE.

Equally telling is the non-advertisment of who the keynote speakers are, or even what the advertised three special exhibitions will show.

Guess these textile museum toadies are taking their lead from the lummoxes over at the icoc, huh?

"The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum will officially open to the public on Saturday, March 21, 2015 with three inaugural exhibitions. Keep reading for details on our opening weekend celebrations, including keynote lectures and a textile show and tell, and a museum open house featuring free art activities, performances, and refreshments from around the world. Events in the days leading up to the opening are by invitation only. Beginning March 21, the museum shop and Arthur D. Jenkins Library will also open for regular hours.

Grand Opening Weekend: Saturday

As the museum officially opens to the public, explore three exhibitions and enjoy a full day of activities and celebrations, including art demonstrations, hands-on crafts, cultural dance and music performances, gallery tours, and refreshments from around the world.

Free; no reservations required.

The museum is located at the corner of 21st and G streets, NW, four blocks from the Foggy Bottom Metro station (blue, orange, and silver lines). Directions and parking information are available here.

Keynote Lectures and Show and Tell Saturday

Two keynote lectures from eminent textile scholars and historians will celebrate the museum's opening. After lunch, attendees are invited to share personal pieces at an interactive textile show-and-tell presentation.

Fee: $50/members; $65 non-members. Registration will open online in early 2015."

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