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Wed, Feb 18th, 2015 03:41:38 PM
Topic: Word to the Wise: "Arts" East May 2015

RK would like to remind any and everyone who is thinking about exhibiting at the "Arts" East show how michael grogan pulled the rug out from under all the exhibitors at the Boston acor.

After bribing the acor people grogan pulled busses up to the exhibition venue and herded every attendee out of the show and took them to his auction preview leaving the acor dealers a virtual empty house.

So think carefully what he might pull this time, as grogan is hosting the planned show at his now mucho-moribund former auction gallery in Dedham Ma.

By the way Dedham is not an easy ride from Boston and unless one goes by car it highly out of the way and off the beaten track.

And a cab from downtown Boston, or the airport, will probably cost as much as your flight to get there.

Think carefully, boys, before spending your money and time in the hopes of selling some goods there.

Dedham ain't San Francisco...

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