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Sun, Nov 23rd, 2014 02:10:14 AM
Topic: bill ruprecht Booted Out of sothebys

Today, it's official -- sotheby's board of directors has acknowledged bill aka the schmuck ruprecht is leaving "under mutual agreement".

Nice words but total veneer to cover the truth ruprecht was tossed out.

RK can only say: Good riddens to ruprecht that fat, over-fed, pasty faced moron, who engineered the debacle of RK's "TentBand Collection Sale" in 1990.

His departure comes just one year after Dan Loeb of Third Point Capital called for ruprecht's dismissal after his hedge fund accumulated enough stock to win seats on the board of directors.

Loeb publicly stated ruprecht was a poor chief executive and his continued pressure eventually let the rest of the sotheby's board of directors to put the boot to ruprecht's ample backside pushing him out the door.

But until a new CEO is appointed lame duck ruprecht will supposedly stay on. But what might anyone ask he'll be able to do under the circumstances?

Fact is sotheby's is a miserably run company and blame for their performance rightfully belongs in ruprecht's lap.

According to the NY Times "The board formalized its decision( to rid themselves of ruprecht) in a vote on Thursday. Shareholders appeared to cheer the news, with shares in Sothebys the oldest listed company on the New York Stock Exchange jumping more than 7 percent after hours."

However, hold your tears for ruprecht who several years ago earned more than 5 million, a fact Loeb used to show the greed and self-serving corporate climate circulating throughout sotheby's organization.

RK looks forward to one day being physically close enough to ruprecht to spit in his face and express our complete dislike for this douchebag arsehole.

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 23rd, 2014 02:10:14 AM

RK received the email below from a reader we know well and one who has proven to be a truth sayer and absolutely honest person.

"I read with interest your report on Bill Ruprechts fate.

I always wondered what took Sotheby's to figure outthat Ruprecht was a cheating dishonest crook all that time,not averse to "screw" his own employers.

I do not know if you were privy to the rumours circulating among N.Y. dealers ( I heard it from several people,like Andonian and Markarian) in the 1980 during the days when E.Herrmann dominated the market forcollectible rugs, which were the following: Ruprecht had access to all major consignors around the worldwho wanted to sell important pieces through Sotheby's.

In one instance,to cite an example: One aristocraticfamily residing in Portugal had some important early classical pieces for sale.

Among others a famous !6th.cent.Persian silk medallion carpet.

Instead of arranging consignment to Sotheby's N.Y. he went behindSotheby's back, and arranged a private sale directly to Herrman, against a big fat commission--probably in cashinto Ruprechts pockets.

Apparently a number of important pieces went directly to Herrmann without the usual auctionprocess.

Thus depriving the public of having the opportunity of buying such pieces at auction.

Eberhard publishedseveral of these pieces (including the Persian Medallion carpet) in his books.

This crooked behaviour by B.Ruprecht was common knowledge in New York at that time."

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