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Sun, Nov 2nd, 2014 01:46:18 AM
Topic: Another lunch with moshe tabibnia reposted

Several years ago RK wrote about our last lunch and meeting with tabibnia.

Today we have taken it out of our online archives and positioned it here in our Best of RugKazbah Topic Area.

We think it pointful to again draw reader's attention to it because the main point we made is more than ever still valid:

tabibina and others who sell and promote "classical" rugs to a small coterie of wealthy buyers and institutions need to support rug studies that will demonstrate and prove equally rare and early weavings made in small scale society environments -- i.e. villages, encampments and clan based groups -- are equally important historically, artistically and monetarily.

We called tabibnia a short-sighted "pompous fool" then.

We surely agree this label still fits him as well as others like jon thompson, walter denny, louise mackie, daniel walker and michael franses, who are the "major voices" in this field; and who have avoided, and continue to avoid, promoting any agenda that will recognize the importance these types of weavings have and hold in oriental rug studies and appreciation.

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