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Sun, Nov 2nd, 2014 01:51:53 AM
Topic: Why franses?

RK has received several emails from readers questioning why we are spending so much time on michael franses and believe posting a reply here, instead of privately emailing it, will better serve this question.

There is little doubt franses is one of the most prominent oriental rug dealers, forgetting the self-publicized deception he "retired from the business" five years ago.

There is little doubt he enjoys a "good reputation".

There is little doubt that reputation is based on hype, mis-information and dis-information.

There is little doubt no peer group review or critical analysis exists in the oriental rug world.

These factors, particularly the lack of peer review or critical analysis, have allowed someone like franses to avoid a number of serious questions about his 'expertise', his efforts to rebrand himself and what he does, has done, and will do in this field.

There is no doubt RK is the only voice in this wilderness of silence and disregard.

Therefore for the reasons above we personally feel it necessary to expose some truths that lay behind franses's smokescreen of deception and outright lies.

OK, readers might say who appointed RK to do this?

Obviously, no one.

And were there others, or even another voice, RK would be delighted to leave this to them.

However there is no one brave enough, experienced enough and knowledgeable enough and until there is we will continue to disseminate what we know about franses, and others like him who deserve to be critiqued, publicly on RugKazbah.com.

Hope this is now clear.

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 2nd, 2014 01:51:53 AM

RK has now received more than a few emails about our dissection of michael franses's career and actions.

While the sample is far, far, smaller than the number of readers who have seen this material it is overwhelmingly in agreement with our opinions and conclusions.

But even if it weren't the facts we have exposed for all to see are undeniable -- franses is a deceiver, a deceptionist, someone who thinks nothing of distorting the truth, someone who is willing to hide behind a smokescreen of mistruths, someone who is actively trying to rewrite his past, someone who has for decades over-dated what he is trying to sell, as well as someone who has abused his position for personal gain at the expense of those who have given him their trust.

Need we say more?

PS: Besides all that franses is a cry-baby clown who got himself into a mess with his emails to 'Gunter' and then not only refused to face up to what he had done but went running to a lawyer and the authorities to claim he had been "defrauded".

'Gunter' did not force franses to email him, franses did it willingly and at his own volition.The reason is clear : franses was, and apparently is, so desperate to find a monied client to buy his stale merchandise.

Let's also remember franses then stupidly claimed that stale merchandise was his "personal collection" and suited up a pack of lies and mistruths in support of his bogus claims to have been defrauded.

This entire episode with 'Gunter' proves beyond any doubt what a weasel and low-life michael franses truly is.

Author: hpmuller
email: [email protected]
Sat, Oct 25th, 2014 12:37:14 AM

RK Replies:


And by the way franses is quite concerned about the loose-lips comments he made to 'Gunter' about his employers and his life in the desert.


Why Michael Franses?

Well, I suppose because he represents one large tail of the rug dealers, highly skewed-to-the-right, distribution.

Having tried for decades to paint himself an expert and collector of high-end oriental rugs and honorable dealer, the faade has apparently crumbled.

That the Bellini carpet (the object of probably the most egregious fraud of the past 20 years or so in the world of antique rugs) was in his possession before he managed to sell it to Dennis Dodds, I had noted some time ago when browsing the internet.

I did not pay too much attention then since I liked the decoration of Dodds home with certainly highly valuable pieces anyway, most probably the only honest reason why rich individuals should collect antique rugs: to display them at home not store them in an inventory.

Its interesting that a simple sting operation exposed Mr. Franses true colors to the interested public.

Franses enjoys now, as an employee of the Qatar Museums Authority, life in one of the hottest and unfortunately most humid environments in the world where slave labor is most common while freedom of press and opinion are severely restricted.

He seems to spend his off time, when not musing about fast boat services on Qatars most beautiful Corniche (http://www.gulf-times.com/opinion/189/details/340415/letters-to-the-editor) or light pollution and the stars over Doha (http://www.gulf-times.com/opinion/189/details/345448/letters-to-the-editor), which he actually doesnt know (at least not to that extent of Kirchheims Orient Stars), with hooking certain super-rich fellows to unlawfully buy items from his inventory under most conspiratorial circumstances.

It is revealing that Mr. Franses appears not to be too much afraid of being fired by his Qatari superiors, but rather that exposure of the email exchange with Jack would tremendously affect the prices of his rugs he might have achieved when dealing with an apparently unknown, so nave, would-be collector from Germany.

All of this is most appalling. One further remark. Jacks most educational description of the pieces and comparisons with the real stuff is highly appreciated as it may be regarded not at least a strong warning not to listen to the baseless blabber of rug mongers, be it those who deal with high-end nearly-museum pieces, or dwarfs who use to cheat twice (or actually three times), first the deliveryman in Istanbul, then the would-be collector and finally tax authorities in, say, Germany.

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