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Mon, Oct 6th, 2014 10:27:50 AM
Topic: that rag hali issue 180 editorial 2014/15

Reading any issue of this magazine cannot help but make anyone who has been around oriental rug collecting for decades wonder why those whose words appear, and have appeared, between its glossy covers cannot speak truthfully.

Clearly, they just can't help themselves.

To say that rag hali speaks with forked tongue is to speak far more honestly than the dribble and horseshit that almost always appears in any editorial or place where the magazine expresses its "opinion", or choses to interpret what someone else says or what is or has happened.

Take for instance ben formerly aka jimmy olsen who we henceforth will refer to as bullshit ben evans's editorial in this issue.

Citing its dedication to 'private collectors', who evans states "feature prominently in this issue", and their important contributions to the field he proclaims to then explain "how the textile field offers collectors unique opportunities -- and why the impact of these remarkable individuals is so significant"

But after reading, and then re-reading, the editorial RK could not find one reason the textile field offers 'unique opportunities', or for the matter what the remarkable 'impact' of these individuals is/was.

Par for the course, as that rag hali is famous for staking out claims and then never bringing any ore to the surface.

But worse than his unfounded attestations are his fallacious and misleading statements particularly when it comes to what two of the four collectors heralded in this editorial are actually up to and doing.

Paying homage to Ignazio Vok, as a cardinal would his pope, bullshit ben forgets to mention the fact the entire Vok collection will be going up for sale at rippon-boswell's next few auctions.

And if that was not enough, readers who don't know the score about Marino Dall-Oglio's collection surely will learn nothing from evans.

The entire Dall Oglio collection was sold to moshe tabibnia who now is planning a book to, of course, help him sell Dall Oglio's 'treasures'.

Another tidbit which will never appear is the way Dall Oglio's decision to sell to tabibnia left michael franses, who according to what he wrote 'Gunter' was promised it would be his to sell, empty handed.

RK doesn't know, nor do we much care, if this is true but we do know almost always there are two sides to a story and were Dall Oglio alive his side might get an airing. Surely it won't from the grave.

So here we have two wealthy gentlemen collectors, Vok and Dall Oglio, selling their collections rather than giving them to an institution or even starting one of their own.

Frankly, RK cannot understand why these men spent the better parts of their adult lives devotedly collecting weavings to, in the end, sell them like house or car they no longer needed.

Perhaps their decision rests on the idea they were not pleased with the way rugDUMB has developed and decided to cut and run rather than throw more of their hats into a sinking ring.

Whatever, readers of that rag hali will never hear peep about this from bullshit ben, in an editorial or anywhere else.

This collect and then disperse is not part of the modus operandi of the third collector whose name appears in the editorial, Simon Crosby.

His generous gift of several Turkmen main carpets to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England stands in direct opposition to the end of Vok and Dall Oglio's oriental rug collecting pursuits.

What rugDUMB desperately needs is first a magazine or journal that speaks truth and then an aware and conscious population, who is both smart enough to know what is going on and not afraid to open their mouths when they don't like that they see.

Obviously, this is not what that rag hali and its editor bullshit ben want to see. For were it to happen evans would have no job and that rag hali magazine would disappear.

Not a bad turn of events in our opinion.

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