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Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014 04:18:00 AM
Topic: dodds admits LACMA'bellini' came from franses

This evening RK discovered the final smoking gun: dodds's admission he purchased the bogus 'bellini' from michael franses.

This is something RK has long suspected and theorized publicly for a decade.

The 'bellini' is not circa 1600-25 as the screenshot from dodds's own website still ridiculously claims but rather a late genre period reproduction dating at best from 1750, though RK is far more sure circa 1800 is far more reliable.

We have long maintained and proven dodds cheated LACMA, lied through his teeth by originally declaring it to be circa 1550 and a masterpiece of its type to get the now disgraced, unemployed LACMA curator, Dale Gluckman, to champion its purchased by the LACMA Collector's Committee in 2004.

Finding this evidence tonight proves beyond a doubt RK's contention michael franses owned the rug and was the original source for dodds's absurd circa 1550 dating, as well as any ideas it is 'masterpiece' of the type or a 'museum-worthy' object -- all descriptions used in dodds's letter of expertise sent to Gluckman and presented as evidence to influence LACMA's Collector's Committee to purchase the 'bellini'.

Like dodds, michael franses is a proven consistent serial over-dater of Anatolian rugs done purposely to deceive potential buyers and to unfairly and dishonestly profit at their expense.

Here is the screenshot from dodds website, http://maqam-rugs.com, taken today thursday October 2, 2014.

The bogus 'bellini' is shown in the photo below, hung on the wall in dodds's home gallery prior to its purchase by LACMA's Collector's Committee and their donating it to the museum in 2004.

Author: jc
Thu, Oct 23rd, 2014 04:18:00 AM

The fact dodds has admitted publicly he got the bogus 'bellini' from franses makes it somewhat important for franses to now, finally and for the first time, comment publicly about the rug and the LACMA rip-off.

Since franses is now indelibly connected with this sorrowful affair one would think it time for him to speak out.

Yeah right, what could he say other than a far too late and meaningless mea culpa or, perhaps, just say it is a "pretty rug" like Walter Denny ended up doing, look for the closest exit, and leave it at that.

There is no doubt the dodds/LACMA 'bellini' is a late genre period reproduction and not the 16th century masterpiece liar, thief and cheat dodds presented.

RK finds it amazing that franses who according to his own words is trying to raise the profile of oriental rugs with major international museums should now have his name attached to the biggest rip-off any museum in our lifetimes has experienced.

Remaining silent proves franses is still part of the gamers who ripped-off LACMA and said not one word about it.

And worse he is too stupid and selfish to realize his silence is destroying any ground he might have gained in his museum efforts.

RK has said franses, and many other of the big names in rugDUMB, are dumber than boxes of wet rocks and more self-concerned and selfish than Nero.

Hey, schmucks, rugDUMB is burning, time to put down your violins and pick up a fire-hose.

Author: jc
Thu, Oct 2nd, 2014 04:32:18 PM

Clearly dodds can't help himself from lying as the provenance "history" he states for the bogus 'bellini'

"Provenance: Bausback, Mannheim, a private Austrian Collection, and Michael Franses, London from whom I purchased the carpet"

is incorrect.

The truth of its history, minus the franses connection which we supposed but could not prove until this evening and which we revealed long ago on RugKazbah.com, is as follows:

1. the 'bellini' was exhibited by Bausback in a for sale gallery exhibition in 1981, as well as published in the Bausback catalog for that exhibition.

2. It was purchased from Bausback during the exhibition by the noted Austrian Collector Heinz Planner

3. It was then exhibited by Planner in the Austrian Collector's Club exhibition "Antike Anatolische Teppiche aus Osterreichischem Besitz, 1983, p.64, pl.7

4. Sometime during the exhibition Planner began to doubt the rug's dating and authenticity and after the exhibition returned it to Bausback and got another rug in trade. RK spoke directly to Planner and this is what he emphatically told us.

5. Bausback then returned the rug to franses from whom he had it on consignment. We also spoke to Bausback and while he did not tell us he got it from michael franses or returned it to him he did corroborate what Planner told us. At the time we suspected franses was the source of the rug but could not get Bausback to admit it. Now it is clear michael franses was the consignor.

6. Sometime in 1984 franses gave the rug to dodds, along with some other pieces and some cash, to settle the account he owed him at the termination of dodds's being the US representative for that rag hali.

This, and not dodds website's fallacious account, is the true history and provenance of the now LACMA bogus 'bellini'.

We should add, as astute RK readers well know, dodds tried unsuccessfully to sell the bogus 'bellini' for 20 years until he finally was able to pawn it off on the trusting Dale Gluckman, who lost her job believing dodds's lies.

"Once a liar, always a liar" is an old expression, and one that described dennis dodds so well.

"Wait long enough and the truth always comes out" is another and RK has now come full circle in our exposing dodds deceitful actions and michael franses role in this unsightly and embarrassing affair.

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