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Mon, Aug 18th, 2014 02:16:19 PM
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Cruising the web the other day RK came across the New England rug society(ners) website and the latest edition of its newsletter, the April 2014 edition.

It heads off with a short but all too gooey puff portrait piece on gerard pacquin, who RK has lately written about for the same reason the showing of some of his collection at the Boston Fine Art Museum.

Calling someone with his history a dedicated and discerning collector could only happen in RugDumb, as pacquins laughable discovery of a group of newly minted fake Ottoman embroideries demonstrated not only complete stupidity and rug ignorance but more obviously showed him to be nothing more than a poser rug ignoramus, forget words like a discerning collector this newsletter tries to hang around his neck.

Not content with trying to gild that turd, the ners newsletter then informs readers auctioneer michael grogan, another new England rug ignoramus according to us, loves looking at good rugs but regrettably according to RK grogan wouldnt know a good one if he was wrapped up in it.

The newletter also states grogan still focuses on the beauty of a rug plus its commercial potential and doesnt attempt to bring academic criteria into its appreciation.

What a ludicrous comment coming from grogan a demonstrable dumbass rug poseur.

And if that wasnt enough to prove our opinion of grogan his statement while many rugs are beautiful, the same is not necessarily true of some of the characters and dealers associated with them both back-stabbs many of his consignors plus shows what a pretentious slob grogan truly is.

RK knows grogan since he started his career at sotheby New York in 1978.

The newsletter published a photo from that year with grogan standing next to John Edelman and vojtech blau, who they call a renowned dealer.

When Edelman left sotheby to open his own John Edelman auction gallery, which was financially backed by vojtec blau and another moneyman partner, grogan took over the rug department ...at the tender age of 22 with barely one year of auction house training.

Again, according to RK, though having more 30 years experience grogan is still a rug neophyte when it comes to the more complicated questions antique oriental rugs often pose.

It is also interesting to read grogan boasting about selling a Salor main carpet in 1980 for 33,000 dollars when, according to him, most people didnt know what Salor meant.

However, as we have heard it, when the antique dealer who originally found the Salor engsi grogan recently sold for almost 250,000 dollars brought it into to his gallery grogan did not know what it was, and inquired if it was worth 5,000 dollars.

It was not until he had spoken to someone, who told him it was a Salor engsi and worth a lot more than 5K$, that grogan realized what it is was and that it was worth more.

RK can definitely believe this story, as we know grogan is a turko-moron poser who know little about rugs but talks a good game.

His continuing to call Turkmen weavings TurkOman and his pronouncing Salor as Sailor, the reason RK kindly calls him sailor grogan, both demonstrate his less than expert status.

RK was there from the beginning and has watched the careers of a number of todays heralded rug world luminaries, like michael grogan, and it never ceases to amuse us how incorrect and bogus the flattery, like that in the ners newsletter, often appears to be.

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