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Thu, Jul 17th, 2014 12:43:03 PM
Topic: Turko-know-nothing martin andersen

Over the past few weeks martin andersen, a neophyte tadpole swimming in the verbal miasma and turko-ignorance of turk0tek.com, has been publicly exercising his lack of knowledge concerning "Sogdian design and iconography".

Here's his first sentence "The Sogdian/Sassanid source to the turkmen rugs seems well accepted, perhaps we could go in to some details in this forum." And trust us it was all down hill from there.

Taken on face value after reading it one would think this topic was one that had been explored by a number of writers and was well-known.

Fact is the topic was virtually unknown until RK published our Weaving Art Museum exhibition titled "Animals, Pearls and Flowers: Synthesis of Turkmen Iconography".

Several years later a group of German Turkmen liber-habers did a symposium on this topic as well.

But it was RK's that set the pace and introduced it to a larger audience.

So along comes Mr andersen with his goofy ideas and picture cut and paste smorgasbord to try and enlighten, or is it just amuse by making a fool of himself, an internet audience.

RK has in the past advised andersen to forgo his public attempts to demonstrate anything but his awe inspiring lack of knowledge and to, as with the rest of the turkotrekkers, email such yappings privately.

We did so again recently, much to his chagrin.

After several salvos from RK andersen took out his big gun and emailed us the following:

"you actually make me think about writing a small critical review of your websites in which there of course are a lot of interesting stuff, but certainly also fantasies and flaws in abundance."

OK, said RK, please go ahead and do it.

But so far all andersen has done is wimp off, totally avoid the subject, continue to accuse RK of various and sundry misdeeds, and then finally tell us "well Jack I will simply block your mails, so don't bother sending more."

It is truly laughable how midget brained wannabe rug pundits, like ansersen, accuse RK and then when challenged to back up their words with proof vanish without a trace leaving only their worthless words behind as an epitaph.

So anytime mr andersen gets his courage up to try and prove his accusations RK and our audience is here waiting.

Author: jc
Thu, Jul 17th, 2014 12:43:03 PM

RK is sure, from the lack of readership of this thread, few are interested in the distorted mental gyrations of mr cut and paste martin andersen.

Frankly, we hardly are either but when someone like him makes us the recipient of baseless accusation we feel compelled to defend ourselves.

There's a now dead as a doornail expression from the 1960's which referred to the Vietnam War "Silence is consent" and we still are both a believer and practicer of its logic. Hence our posting.

BTW we are not surprised andersen has not followed through on his threats to critique RK, or to prove his dumbass allegations. After fading like a cheap T shirt in a hot wash andersen's hot air bravado might be forgotten by him, but not by us.

Author: jc
Mon, Jul 14th, 2014 04:09:04 AM

After giving Mr andersen's position and reply some thought we decided to give him credit for being 'brave' enough to write in here.

But we surely do not give him credit for anything else's, especially making accusations and claims and then refusing to back them up when challenged.

Author: Martin Andersen
email: [email protected]
Sun, Jul 13th, 2014 11:50:46 PM

RK Replies:

Besides the fact Mr andersen refuses to back up his statements and accusations with anything other than pretending they don't exist, as well as continuing to harp on his goody-two shoes attitude and belief being 'polite' is more important than the content of what one says or does, RK will gladly reply to the mis-gotten notions he espouses.

We will do so in this bold type face.

Hi Jack, I probably shouldnt answer you, well but here you go I am stupid :)

Well, if you had something real and right to say no one would think you stupid, however, your beginning with this idea and then not saying anything that can be construed as real or right does make you look so.

The sad problem is that in a dialog, even though one tries to be overly polite, you in no time turn to wildly aggressive mudslinging offensiveness.

What might be "wildly aggressive mudslinging" to one person can be seen as theater or as the comic George Carlin might say just my way of expressing myself. After all, Mr andersen, isn't what's in the package more important than the wrapping? Doesn't what one has to say trump the words one uses? These are obvious metaphors that prove your continued belief the way RK has written to you, something you clearly do not like for whatever prissy reasons you might dredge up, is patently wrong.

Its seen over and over here at your own site, leaving your forum a monolithic one-man self gratification scene.

Well it is also obvious all the people, like yourself, who RK has critiqued and criticized do not like it. And instead of trying to defend themselves, or prove RK wrong, they avoid responding in the hopes the truths RK has leveled at them will just go away. This is typical, not only in rugDUMB, but everywhere -- for in today's nonsensical politically correct world people who are guilty of errors rarely acknowledge those errors. So, for instance, Mr andersen wrote that RK's websites are full of "fantasies and flaws in abundance" and that he was going to do a "critical review of our websites" but then when challenged to prove those accusations he pretends he never made them. Why? It is not rocket science to see andersen is just a yapping dog with no ability to do anything else.

And the language in the stream of mails you send me are beyond anything I would refer, and I will not take up a contest of offensiveness.

Here's Mr goody-two shoes in action. Someone who takes offense to being called a moron and a stooge when all he does is act like one.

You are certainly not doing yourself or the rugs a favor in this.

More Mr goody-two shoes talk. But let's face facts: andersen believes writing on Turk0tek.com, a rugDUMB piss-puddle website if there ever was one, is doing rugs a favor and RK is not. Well RK is sorry to disappoint Mr andersen's fantasies but turk0tek.com has not done rugs one iota of good and RK's website has forwarded not only appreciation for them but fostered and presented new and innovative research that has, as one reader recently emailed us, "shown others the way and led rug studies to new heights". RK knows how small minded many in rugDUMB are and Mr andersen is surely in that category. So what can we say if he isn't honest or man enough to back up his words or to admit he can't?

Regarding the Sogdian pearl roundels I suppose you are familiar with Matteo Comparetis article from 2004? That was the first serious text I saw on the net regarding the roundels.


Yes, not only are we familiar with Compareti's work but at one time we were in email contact with him and enjoyed sharing info with him.

If only you werent as aggressively offensive Id be happy to be corrected on any facts I have gotten wrong, but you general internet behavior kind of makes that impossible, - and thats the sad conclusion for me in this.

Ahh, more goody-two shoes excuses. Sorry, Mr andersen, but hiding behind such flimsy nonsense makes you look even more foolish.

RK has written to you many times and told you what you got wrong and what mistakes you made and not once did you try to prove you are right and we are wrong. We also have challenged you to prove the accusations you have made against us and you have not responded. Again, this type of behavior is nothing to be proud of, nor does it show any honesty or put you and your accusations in a good light.

Anyway trying to be overly polite: with some kind of strange respect for your history,

best Martin

Respect for RK's history? Please Mr andersen realize your bogus respect and bullshit mealy mouthed turk0tek.com politesse is as meaningless as your accusing RK of publishing websites full of fantasies and flaws in abundance. We told you to put up or shut up and so far you have done neither. This is nothing but a poor track record in anyone's eyes.

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