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email: unpublished
Fri, Nov 28th, 2014 05:32:10 PM
Topic: Better to sell at auction or thru a dealer?

Dear RK:I enjoy your commentary very much. I am a generalist private collector with a small number of pieces including a few rare to very rare Turkmens. I apologize for not providing my email address but I would like to remain private.Given the sorry situation in the collectible rug market I would like your advice on how best to sell my collection when the time comes. It seems to me that the small collector is often at a distinct disadvantage when dealers and auction houses use such tactics as low ball estimates, offers to buy better pieces outright for bargain basement prices, and ridiculously high commissions. Of course there are a few do-it-yourself venues like Rugrabbit but I wonder how safe these transactions are for the uninsured non-professional. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give.Best regards,Robert

Author: unpublished as well
Fri, Nov 28th, 2014 05:32:10 PM

RK Replies:



Robert, shame on you. You should know better. I know who you are, and if you were smart enough, which you are not, you would know who I am.

Author: jc
Thu, Jun 26th, 2014 11:38:38 PM

Hi Robert:

After what we have seen and know during 45 plus years in the rug world we can only vouch for ourself.

Send pictures of what you want to sell and we will be glad to discuss them with you.

Any blanket answer to your question is nothing but hot-air.

You can email us directly: [email protected]

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