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Fri, Mar 21st, 2014 02:16:28 PM
Topic: NY International Carpet Show (NYICS)

The latest edition of that rag hali's publicity hype vehicle posing as a "newsletter" just arrived in RK's email box. And what did we read?

"As Dennis Dodds, founder and owner of the show says, "The New York International Carpet Show is the flagship for this sector of design driven, high-profitability rugs during NY Metro Market Week."

dennis dodds is a proven cheat, a liar, and thief who tricked and fooled the Collector's Committee of the prestigious Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) into buying a late genre period circa 1750-1850 reproduction "bellini" carpet as a genuine 15th century masterpiece.

dodds had owned the rug for 20 years and been unable to sell it to anyone.

So when the opportunity arose he conned, lied and cheated LACMA's Collector's Committee.

Regrettably for all concerned except dodds they trusted him and bought the crap 'bellini' from him believing it was a 15th century masterpiece. What a crook.

Crook dennis dodds also peddled his unsellable inventory of rugs off the walls of minor and lesser museums from "exhibitions" he has organized.

Crook dennis dodds is a blight on the rug collecting world, and for those useless schmucks at that rag hali to do anything but expose dodds for the proven thief and liar he is speaks in volume how piss-poor and untrustworthy just about anything from that rag hali has become.

Let RK remind everyone thanks to crook dennis dodds thieving and cheating LACMA no major museum in the western world will touch an antique oriental rug or even contemplate doing so.

Crook dennis dodds is truly a dennis the menace -&- it's plenty time that rag hali and RugDUMB forced dodds to face the music and not allow him to continue pretending he's anything but a liar, cheat and thief.

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