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Sun, Mar 2nd, 2014 04:02:02 AM
Topic: turk0tek.com?

This morning RK received an email from a reader who told us turk0tek.com has been unreachable for the past three or four days.

We just checked and found out he is correct, it is offline.

The email asked us if we knew what is going on. In fact we don't, nor do we care.

Professor clown, aka steve price, and his clan of turko-morons and wannabes interest us about as much as a dirt sandwich.

We have, for years, tried to convince price to take his website offline, and turn it into a private, and not public, "discussion".

The mis-and dis-information that frequently appears there, forget the stupid obvious tripe he and others dish up for public consumption, is nothing but a blight and sore spot for rugdom.

We do know price fancies himself a webmaster so unless there is some great problem with the server turk0tek rest on, or perhaps price has died in his sleep, we do not know why a simple website like that would remain offline for so many days.

Regardless, and in any event, we are surely not displeased and can only hope their absence becomes permanent.

Author: jackarse
email: [email protected]
Sun, Mar 2nd, 2014 04:02:02 AM

RK Replies:

Let what go?

RK's opinion professor steve price is a turko-clown and the majority of whatappears on his website is veritable worthless trash?

Seems you're the one who needs to let it go.

Why defenda moronic autocratic fool who persists in believing he is providing a place for 'discussion' when in fact any discussion there is rarely even entertaining let alone informative?

Plus anyone who says anything price-clown doesn't agree with is immediately silenced and ostracized.

Good luck trying to convince us, or anyone else, turk0tek.com is anything but what RK has always maintained and proven beyond any doubt.


he he he - 20 years and you cant let it go.

just let it go son, l.e.t. i.t. G.O.

Author: jc
Sat, Mar 1st, 2014 05:56:40 AM

Seems the grim reapers did not come and snatch professor clown, aka steve price, from the land of the living. Nor did whatever had kept turk0tek.com offline for some days become permanent.

Much to our complaints it is back online.

So let's all give a big Bronx-cheer to turko-moron price and his feeble compatriots, who so falsely believe their online presence does anything but show how pathetically equipped they are to pose as rugdom commentators and pundits.

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