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Fri, Mar 7th, 2014 01:49:24 AM
Topic: Translating that rag hali speak

How do you say desperate? "Limited places available"

Grasping at straws to increase paltry revenue from selling its magazine, franses and company are trying anything they can to increase the bottom line.

With the icoc reduced to next to nothing and acor all but a faded memory on the rug-scene that rag hali is now pitching itself as a "tour operator".

Ridiculous is all RK can say for we believe the only way to turn the ever darkening corner franses and his aspirations to resuscitate that rag hali to its former glory days inhabit is to forget about publishing a paper edition and turn it into a virtual, online only, one.

But analysis of that rag hali's dwindling empire is not the purpose for our mention today.

Rather, RK wishes to poke a hole big enough to drive a semi-tractor trailer through in their transparent as a topless-dancer's bra statement "limited places available" tour pitch.

This is nothing but shameless hucksterism any reader with an IQ above 75 knows is nothing but proof few if any readers are rushing to join up.

RK always told franses he is a poor businessman with only rudimentary skill.

Forget about the fact his past is littered with numerous examples of stupid rug-overdating; from his trying to pawn off kaitags as "17th century" that were at best 19th century, to Anatolian Village rugs he claimed were 16th and 17th century when anyone who is expert in the field would date 18th and 19th century.

Don't believe us?

Go look through old issues of that rag hali and you will see a multitude of such over-dated rugs in franses' "textile gallery" adverts.

FACT: That rag hali is doomed and its demise will be sooner or later be forthcoming, as subscribers are not renewing and heaven knows there are no up and coming ones to fill the gap.

And forget trying to turn that rag hali into a "tribal art" magazine, another hair-brained destined for failure idea franses believes he can accomplish.

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