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Fri, Aug 22nd, 2014 12:52:15 AM
Topic: textile museum Saturday morning with dodds

RK just learned dodds presented his hackneyed titled "a few of my favorite things" show and tell, well better said show and SELL, on Oct. 28, 2013 at the textile museum.

Why that museum, or any, will allow a proven scam-artist, liar, cheat and thief like dennis dodds to get on a stage and talk to their members about rugs he charades are his collection, when in fact they are his inventory and all are for sale, is unbelievable.

But frankly this fits perfectly with the program, or should RK write pogrom, bruce, aka bigmouth, baganz and the rest of the stiff douche-bags on the museum board and committees have promulgated for the past decade.

And in the process have destroyed GH Myers Textile Museum.

They all deserve to be tar-and feathered and paraded through the streets of the nation's capital, taking dodds with them as court jester.

RK knows for a fact most of dodds's "favorite things" are for sale because we have emails from him with pictures and prices.

Only in rugDUMB could a shyster creep like dennis dodds not only exist but prosper and be heralded as an "expert".

And only an old goat, turko-moron, like john howe could present on the internet dodds's "favorite things" and help him bilk, deceive and cheat the dumb-stupid trusting fools who attend those Saturday Morning presentations.

Author: James McGinnis
Mon, Aug 11th, 2014 06:57:22 AM

RK Replies:

Greetings James and thanks for your interest in the dennis dodds Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) rip-off.

Firstly, the LA TImes did in fact publish an article.

This was done absolutely at RK's insistence and the pressure we applied to their arts editor.

You can read the article and RK's comments here:


You will find it in the Topic Area titled "LACMA'S Questionable Rug Purchase", where there is voluminous reportage on the subject.

Regardless of the fact the LA TImes did cover the issue regrettably they turned it into a shoot the messenger vendetta, supporting the Museum and dodds and trying to vilify RK for having raised the issue.

However, the facts of the issue shine through their attempt to cover up what is in fact nothing but a theft and swindle perpetrated by dennis dodds.

It should also be interesting for all readers to view RK's comments to the bogus "scientific report" LACMA commissioned from its scientist in residence, Dr. Gilberg, who naturally was not going to risk his job at the Museum and tell the truth.

You can read Dr. Gilberg's highly questionable report and our comments here:


There is absolutely no doubt dodds's "bellini rug" is not the 16th century masterpiece the Museum's Collector's Committee was lead to believe.

And that belief was the sole reason they committed 250,000 dollars of their funds to purchase it from dodds.

The proof of the pudding is the fact the "bellini rug" now sleeps in the sub-basement of the Museum where we imagine it rests with other "mistakes" the Museum has made.

Fact also remains: dennis dodds is a crook, a liar and a cheat.

Interesting enough this is not the first rug dodds has tried to sell based on false and completely bogus information. But unlike the LACMA affair all the others were offered privately.

And by the way we do not "dislike" steve price, frankly we could care less about him.

What we do take offense to, and dislike intensely, is price's absurd belief his piss-puddle website, turk0tek.com, does anything other than allow him and a bunch of equally rug-moronic ignorants the opportunity to prove this about themselves in public.

James, if you are really interested in the dodds story, andy want to do something, go write a registered letter to LACMA's director, michael govan, and tell him what you think.

RK will be delighted to publish your letter and any reply from govan you might receive.


Hi jack.

I don't understand why the Dodds Bellini Lacma fiasco has never been more thoroughly examined in either the mainstream press or other rug blogs.

In spite of your dislike for Dr. Price et al , T-Tek is the only place I've seen it mentioned.

It would seem that an incident like this would be fodder for even such print organs as the L.A. Times.

I imagine you'll put it the lack of interest down to Rugdumb, but it would seem to transcend that explanation. Anyway, thanks for the fine reporting.

Author: jc
Mon, Feb 10th, 2014 01:02:24 PM

RK wrote the following on Dec 15, 2011 and posted here on RugKazbah.com.

It is still there in the "Stupidy in RugDumb" Topic Area and we are reposting it here for convenience.

To call dennis dodds a cheat and liar is to make light of his revolting, unprofessional, and greedy actions.

Just like the "going out of business" rug shoppe owners, who have been going out of business for years, is dennis the menace dodds, head honcho at the icoc but in fact nothing but a liar, cheat and thief at heart.

Witness dodds's latest demonstration of his dishonest, cheatin' and lying ways.

For the past several days the menace dodds has been posting rugs like this one below with the title "a few of my favorite things" on the internet.

The innocent, who don't know better, might be impressed but RK knows dodds has been trying to sell these "favorite things" to any and all comers for years.

Now, how does that look?

According to RK it looks bad, for aren't ones favorite things always held near and dear?

Well, with any straight and honest person they would be but clearly they are not with a scheister, liar and carpet-bagging con man like dodds.

Perhaps readers might think RK is making a mountain out of a molehill but when this latest demonstration of dodds's duplicity is added to others he has perpetrated, like "curating" museum " shows" and filling them with his "favorite things" and then, believe it or not, selling them right of the museum walls! Let's also all remember the Los Angeles County Museum of Art "bellini rug" rip-off dodds shamefully set-up.

To call dodds a miscreant makes light of his thieving nature, and only in rugDUMB would such a miserable excuse for a human being continue to hold a position like chairman of the icoc.

RK says: Time to run dodds outta town with a nice coat of tar and feathers to keep his sorrowful butt warm this Xmas season.

"My favorite things" what a load of bullshit rubbish...

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