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Wed, Jan 15th, 2014 09:39:59 AM
Topic: Never underestimate stupidity in RugDUMB

Yesterday, sunday 1/12/14, someone who was not brave or honest enough to post in their own name littered several of our Topic Areas with a raft of nonsensical assertions.

Not the least of which was the Weaving Art Museum (WAMRI) is a "scam" and RK has lied about it being a valid non-profit organization registered with the US Government.

This trash talk is easily proven false by locating WAMRI's listing on the webpage of the division of the US Government responsible for nonprofit organizations.

That page's URL is below:


To make matters even more ludicrous this person then leveled various further accusations that are as stupid and false as claiming WAMRI is a "scam".

RK is totally disgusted with rugDUMB, this incident being one of many others that are as blatantly ridiculous, and we are growing more and more disinterested in providing any of our expertise, experience, research or ideas both here and on the Weaving Art Museum website.

There is little doubt we are right, we have proven what we say by providing documention and proof for all the criticisms, critiques and finger-pointing we have publicly voiced against any and all in rugDUMB who deserve it.

We sign our name while a group of chickenshit-chickenlittles, like yesterday's poster, level perposterous and completely untrue hostile allegations without one shred of support. And they can do so anonymously only because RugKazbah.com allows it.

Not only that but we have left their absurdly untrue defamations online for all to see. We are not afraid to show them as they are -- worthless know-nothing morons.

Time is ripe for those in rugDUMB who know the difference between bullshit and fact to speak up, not in RK's defense -- we need no help -- but in defense of this art collecting area.

When a rug sells for XXmillion at an auction this act does nothing to undo the reputation the art of oriental rugs suffers -- much of which are self-inflicted wounds everyone not dosed on icoc or that rag hali kool-aid can readily see.

Ever wonder why there are no new faces, or a new younger generation of rug "collectors"?

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