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Tue, Jan 7th, 2014 04:32:50 PM
Topic: new issue #178 that rag hali

RK just finished perusing the latest issue of that rag hali winter 2013, number 178.

We never seem to be amazed at the self-serving dishes chef hali conjures up and then places on the table for hungry ruggies to gorge themselves.

This issue of course continues that trend, and while there are a number of issues RK could take-up with the cuisinieres who cooked up this issue, #178, the obituary they have published of Marino Dall'Oglio is perhaps the most outrageous example RK has yet read.

It was not written by anyone at that rag hali.

Rather, it's author is moshe tabibnia, someone who just might be able to score higher than that rag hali or its owner, michael franses, on any test measuring self-serving intent.

No doubt many believe Dall-Oglio is someone worth the praise that saturates tabibnia's obit. RK is surely not making reference to that.

We are, however, calling tabibnia's over-the-top exuberantly worshipful paean to Dall'Oglio poor taste simply for the fact tabibnia has acquired the Dall'Oglio rug collection and is in the process of trying to sell items from it.

Also do not forget Dall'Oglio's unguential preface to tabibnia's "Milestone" publication, where a number of Dall'Oglio's rugs are illustrated and were for sale in tabibnia's gallery.

Dall'Oglio's interests in a number of the rugs tabibnia published was not exactly spelled out for readers and were they we are sure his words would have been interpreted differently. RK knew but probably few readers did.

We dunno how you feel.

But to RK this smacks of nothing but self-service, an act done ostensibly for other reasons rather the the real reason to benefit the doer, in this case the author.

So now it is tabibnia's turn to wax poetic about Dall'Oglio, again with no spelling out of the facts -- tabibnia's selling items from the Dall'Oglio collection.

And that rag hali turning a blind eye and deaf ear to have tabibnia, rather than some disinterested party in the Dall"Oglio collection's dispersal and sale, do it makes mockery of their rubric to without prejudice present events and news of rugDUMB.

The oriental rug collecting field is a small one.

But it is far too well littered with chicanery; duplicity; piss-poor academics and scholarship; fakes and reproductions passed off as the real thing; false promises and many other unsightly demerits to ignore.

There were plenty of others who could have, and should have in our opinion, penned Marino Dall'Oglio's obituary.

And were choosing tabibnia an accident, or a just rare example of self-serving activity by that rag hali or in rughDUMB, RK would be far, far off the mark.

However, it is no accident, nor anything but a typical knee-jerk response from michael franses and his minions at that rag hali.

Need we not mention, for all of you who are not aware, interest in oriental rugs and rug collecting is, and has been for a decade, on a steeply declining slope.

And much of that decline, RK is sure, can be laid at the feet of those who have used their positions in rUGHdumb to feather their own nests at the expense of the commodity and art that has afforded them the currency to do so in the first place.

Let's be clear now: RK doesn't think Dall'Oglio, his obituary or his collection stinks, far from it.

But we do think letting a grifter and self-serving conjuring charlatan like tabibnia write that obituary, while at the same time peddling Dall'Oglio's collection, surely does.

"Nuff said...

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