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Fri, Dec 20th, 2013 06:21:46 AM
Topic: rippon-boswell November Sale Results

Mr boswell, aka detlef maltzahn, has today posted the results of the Nov. 30, 2013 sale. However, he still has not been forthcoming or honest enough to post the results of the September sale.

There is little doubt maltzahn is a weasel, his failure to own-up to the fact the September sale was a mistake and major embarrassment by posting the results proves this in spades.

Obviously maltzahn has refused to admit his mistake by publishing the "official" results for all to see, and now that the November sale results are posted we are sure he never will.

OK, 'nuff said about maltzahn and why there are no results from the September sale.

Selling 60 percent of the 232 lots in the November sale, a number of them for far too much --while others went very reasonably -- is today considered a success.

But when the results are carefully examined they show the continuing precipitous decline in the rug collecting field.

The lower end keeps getting lower, the middle ground is slippery as a honey-coated plastic sheet, and other than the tippity-top of the top end there, too, visible price erosion can't be ignored.

For the record: RK has grown tired of posting our opinions about rugs at auction, either pre- or post-sale, and this mention is all we are going to write.

We will, of course, answer any reader inquiries about this sale, or any other, should there be anyone brave enough to write-in.

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