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Tue, Nov 4th, 2014 12:24:08 AM
Topic: steve price and his Xmas asmalyk

(ed. this was originally posted in December 2013)

RK has lambasted and ridiculed Virginia Tech professor emeritus steven price, the turko- moron who is the titular head of turk0tek.com, more than enough times to prove our assertions are 100 percent correct and true.

Fact is we grew so tired we have rarely mentioned him over the last few years.

Today, after perusing the turko-babble which appears therein, we noticed price has once again ad nauseum posted the following picture as his digital "christmas card".

The fact it really displays little relation to what an xmas card is all about, tho we admit its green and red colors are associated with season's greetings, needs no illumination.

What it does do is show price, the rug clown, has used the same image for at least the past five years, and we believe even more.

Had we the stomach and time to wade through the detritus which litters his website we would check his archives to see exactly how many years he has used this image.

But even if it is only five its still five too many.

Besides being a turko-rug-clod and collector of airport art he claims and believes is "tribal art", professor price has about as much imagination as a broken clock. Unfortunately unlike a broken clock, which does tell the correct time twice a day, professor price's efforts at anything but making himself appear to be a rug-moron are a complete failure.

RK has suggested price take his by now over-exposed, worthless, green and red patch-work airport-art period xmas asmalyk; his crappy kindergarden level rug-sandbox website; his stupid, inane and moronic opinions about rugs; his overbearing misplaced authoritarian attitudes and finally throw in the towel, get lost and off the internet as a public website.

You can also be sure RK would not bend down to pick up price's xmas asmalyk for free should we see it laying in the street. Nor would we piss on it or price were they on fire.

Nuff said...

Author: James McGinnis
Sat, Nov 1st, 2014 08:07:22 AM

RK Replies:

Greetings James, and thanks for your question though we do not see what it has to do with oriental carpets or any other subject that interests RK.

We have a BA in sociology.

The fact steve price has a PhD in biology has little to do with his attempts to be a carpet collector or moderate a website concerned with oriental carpets.

There is absolutely no doubt price has proven to be a complete moron, a pedantic clown and an objectionable autocrat in his career in rugDUMB.

His website is a piss-puddle where a group of carpet know-nothings gather to allegedly communicate, and where regrettably the public occasionally ventures to pose questions to them.

For more than a decade RK has attempted to convince price to remove his website from public view and turn it into an email group.

We have been unsuccessful in this endeavor but we have proven what a pompous cretin and overbearing self-righteous clown professor price cannot help proving himself to be.

RugKazbah.com has ample proof, James, of what we say. Perhaps if you disagree you'd like to demonstrate where we are wrong about him?

And please remember: RugKazbah.com is an open website where anyone can post anything. In comparison steve price's website is basically closed to anyone who expresses anything price does not like or agree with.

So we hope this answers your question and please do check out www.professorsteveprice.com.

And by the way here is one comment a student of price's left on the internet at this website http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=333984:

"I did not particularly like him as a lecturer however. He rambles way too much about useless details and mumbles a lot. He does not use powerpoints or clickers to engage you nor does he write things down. He makes things sound WAY more complicating than they are. He is a nice guy though and exams are straightforward, but a terrible lecturer."

As you will see it is not the only one to make these references, ones which fit with price's substandard knowledge of oriental carpets.


You often denigrate Steve Price's intelligence. He holds a P.hd from Princeton. May I respectfully ask for your educational history? Thanks

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