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Tue, Jan 14th, 2014 11:06:28 PM
Topic: Weaving Art Museum

Yesterday a new homepage and several other changes were added to the Weaving Art Museum website.

Check them out when you have a chance:http://weavingartmuseum.org

Author: WAMRI is a scam
email: 7
Tue, Jan 14th, 2014 11:06:28 PM

RK Replies:

The Weaving Art Museum has been registered as a public charity organization since 1997 with the US government.

In 2002 it was granted permanent status as such.

The fact its mailing address has changed from California to New York has no bearing on its status.

Something a moron like you can't understand.

But that is not the only fact you are unable to grasp. There appear to be many others.

So go do some study and then get lost.


WAMRI is a fraud. You failed, Jack, to get any status approved for it/yourself in the state of California but it does look like you were able to pull a fast one by filing in New York in 2007, ten years later. Funny how an entire museum and research institute can just pack up and move from San Francisco to New York City, two places you havent lived in for over a decade. I guess the IRS doesnt put much thought into a claim of non-profit for an organization that literally has seen no profit. Below is the latest filing for WAMRI. No assets, no costs of operation, and no funds received. Surely you could at least reimburse yourself for web-hosting? But why tempt fate, huh? You now have a legal entity founded solely for self aggrandizement and fraud. But why set up a tax free entity for a website that generates no income anyway and is hence, not liable to pay tax in the first place? It all seems rather bizarre, no? Why pay all those filing and legal fees? We all know of your inflated ego and narcissistic delusions. So you didnt finish college? (How about high school?) You can now write to strangers and address yourself as director of Weaving Art museum and research institute. Thatll impress em! (until they meet you) With fewer and fewer collectors and other buyers willing to have anything to do with you it must be increasingly difficult to hock your tatty goods. We suppose wamri might be useful fly-paper to attract the unknowing or otherwise gullible. Who knows, maybe it will help you to sell your crappy kilim collection or those few remaining Turkmen pieces you didnt flush for a pittance? Hey, maybe you could just donate them to wamri and claim the exemption? It would be great to see how that one goes! You are skating on very thin ice, Jack. Watch out or you might fall through and a frozen toilet brush will be of no use to anyone.TAX PERIOD12/2011ACCOUNTING PERIOD12INCOME CODEN/AINCOME AMOUNT$0.00FORM 990 REVENUE AMOUNT$0.00ASSET CODEN/AASSET AMOUNT$0.00PF FILING REQUIREMENT CODENo 990-PF return

Author: WAMRI is a scam
email: cassin liar
Sun, Jan 12th, 2014 09:14:03 PM

RK Replies:

Good morning midget-brain:

Below is a screen shot made 10 minutes ago showing the US Government Internal Revenue Service web-page where the Weaving Art Museum's credentials are listed.

Go take a look and you will see facts, unlike the nonsense BS you have written.

RK has put two red arrows there, one pointing to the URL so you and anyone else can verify it and the second where the "Deductibility Status" (PC) is listed.

We have included the IRS chart to show what the PC status means.

We have also underlined in red WAMRI's EIN to help a fool like you prove to yourself what a big-mouth idiot you are.

RK is often amused by the stupidity in RugDUMB, and you have well demonstrated that.

So go back to your mother's basement, enjoy your cornflakes and moo-juice,and next time go do the research before opening your mouth.


Though there is no profit to it, WAMRI is not a non-profit, Mr. Jack Cassin. Your wamri is not a non-profit organization recognized by any legal entity in the United States where it is said to be located. The IRS has no record of it. Now dont try to give that sad lie that weaving art museum and research institute is recognized by the state of California as a non-profit. It is not, which seems to mean it is recognized only by your imagination or as part of your ongoing sad attempt at self aggrandizement. Though, you may have received a letter of recognition for the first year after you filed with Sacramento, that letter, and the standing of your organization were contingent on you fulfilling your obligations as a director including, assembling a board of directors, filing for final non-profit status with the IRS, and filing annually and submitting applicable fees for Sacramento. Under California law, since you failed to get non-profit status from the federal government alone, you do not have it in California. There is no record of any non-profit organization of any sort named wamri, or involving you in any capacity. You are perpetuating a fraud. WAMRI is a SCAM.

Author: Alaskin halibit
email: fish
Tue, Nov 5th, 2013 05:44:54 AM

RK Replies:

Not only do you know nothing about non-profit organizations but seems spelling and geography are likewise problems.

Its Alaskan halibut, not 'Alaskin halibit', fish-face.

So just mosey along, go eat your boxed lunch of canned tuna, potato chips and a coke and be sure not to swallow your T-mobile phone in the process.

Yeesshhh, what a two-bit arse you are.


Why is this website called a museum and research Institute when it is just a personal site put together by one guy?

Author: John Lewis
email: [email protected]
Tue, Nov 5th, 2013 05:42:38 AM

RK Replies:

Cheers, John, glad you enjoy WAMRI.


Thank you. I have just had a good look at the Turkmen section again and I am reminded how good it is.

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