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Wed, Dec 4th, 2013 01:51:19 AM
Topic: Auctions of Late: Fall 2013

As readers have probably noticed RK has forgone writing previews and reviews of carpet auctions.

We know some of you have wondered why enough to email us, and we are equally sure the thought has crossed the minds of many others.

Basically, there has been very little worth saying other than the quality of rare masterpiece examples coming into the market through auction is practically nil. And these are the only type of weaving we are interested in discussing.

OK, we duly recognize here and there an interesting and important addition to the small number of weavings rightly deserving to be called rare and masterpiece has popped up. But our ardor to discuss them in public is nil for many reasons, not the least of which is the silence of the lambs disease which is epidemic in RugDumB.

This is why no reports have appeared here, or will in the planned future.

All that said, we have here a completely different situation. One RK felt impelled to memorialize in print, the absolutely abysmal quality in the "general auction" rippon-boswell assembled for their 28 September 2013 "sale".

This trash-bin garbage heap of mediocre to truly revolting rugs and what else is a blight on this auction-house reputation.

Is detlef maltzahn so desperate to make a buck that he will prostitute himself and his auction company to sell the likes of a piece of junk like this?

Lot 17 rippon boswell 28 september 2013 sale

Obviously, he is.

RK has been buying carpets since 1966 and in this time we have attended hundreds of auctions and probably been in more than several thousand places -- rug dealer shops, flea markets, etc -- where rugs are sold.

And we can rightfully say we have never seen a more embarrassing, humiliating, attempt by anyone to make a dollar in the rug game than greedy, idiot rug-moron detlef maltzahn offering this "gendje" in his sale for 10 euro.

Either he is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and can't remember there is not a customer on the face of this great green planet who would want to come to his auction and see, let alone purchase, a worthless, worn chemical dyed rag like this even for 10 euro.

Or another possibility, which RK would put far more value to, is that maltzahn is nothing but a stupid clown who has only been able to prosper because the level of intellect and intelligence in rugDUMB is so low.

In any event lot 17 should be hung around his neck for eternity, and he will wear it well.

RK has never thought much of detlef maltzahn, owner of rippon-boswell auction house Friedrichstr 45, 65185 WIESBADEN, Hessen, Germany, and now after viewing this revolting sale we can easily say he has shredded the last iota of consideration or respect we might have once held.

Author: jc
Wed, Dec 4th, 2013 01:51:19 AM

As of today, December 4 2013, maltzahn has still not posted the results for the bottom-of-the-barrel September auction. Regardless of the fact rippon-boswell has held another, subsequent, sale this weekend.

Stories abound concerning liberties rippon-boswell and maltzahn take in conducting their auctions. From pulling bids off the back wall and chandelier to unilaterally extending the already too long period consignors have to wait to get paid.

Now RK sees, and we are surely not alone, refusing the post the results of a sale more than two months after it has taken place can be added to that list and regarded as is just par for the self-interested course rippon-boswell takes.

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 10th, 2013 01:18:14 AM

Just a quick note to remind dumbo, detlef maltzahn, he still has not posted the prices realized for his last auction.

Lord knows how important it is for everyone to know what the bottom of the barrel garbage merch he banged down his hammer on weeks ago brought.

Yeah, right.

Guess even he is embarrassed by that sale....and he should be.

Author: jc
Thu, Oct 10th, 2013 03:57:31 AM

The results from the embarrassing bottom-o-the-barrel sale detlef maltzahn stupidly presented some days ago have still not been posted.

Why maltzahn persists in keeping sale results under-cover for weeks, and even moths after a sale, while every other auctioneer posts them within days -- some the same day as the sale, is but another indication of the lack of transparency rippon-boswell practices.

Long criticized for pulling bids off the back wall and chandelier it is becoming increasing apparent rippon-boswell and maltzhan's days are numbered.

Competition to present the best rug consignments at auction has heated up and RK would not be surprised to see maltzahn's former pole position on this area of the market begin to melt like a cheap candle in a strong wind.

Time will tell, and RK does not expect or intimate rippon boswell's doors will be shutting anytime soon. But we do know their star is fading, perhaps much faster than turko-clown maltzahn can control.

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