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Fri, Sep 27th, 2013 03:44:35 PM
Topic: Don't Like It? Speak up

RK has commented on, critiqued, and criticized many of the top names in RugDUMB, and some wanna-be as well, since 2003 when we first went online.

What we have written about these people is factual and true, this is why none of them have tried to defend themselves or to deflect our words.

When asked, and we have had people ask them, they invariably respond "RK is a nothing, nowhere, website no one bothers to read. Why should I waste my time there."

Here is a picture taken earlier today, Sept. 27 2013, of the web-statistic program our internet provider supplies.

And some others made later on today, sept. 27, showing more detailed monthly and daily usage

As you can see RugKazbah.com gets about 100 visitors per day who hit an average of 18.7 pages per visit.

This means 100 people average per day read what is here, and they bother to do so on an average of 18 pages per visit.

So RugKazbah.com is not a nothing, nowhere website no one reads but rather a place where a sizable number of people go, and go there to read what is there.

The only reason those we have critiqued do not say anything is they have nothing to say. They are guilty as charged.

Period. End of discussion.

RK welcomes anyone here to say whatever they want, as long as they do it professionally and without mouthing a bunch of hysterical nonsense and lies.

Nuff said...

Author: Edward Koch
email: [email protected]
Fri, Sep 27th, 2013 03:44:35 PM

RK Replies:

Once again, Edward, thanks for your comments. But more so thanks for being man enough, and brave enough, to say something kind and truthful about RK.

Someone once said you get more bees with honey than vinegar.

And while this is, of course true, it is the quality of the honey those bees produce and not the quantity of them in your hive that is important.

Too bad all the bee keepers in rugDUMB are too infatuated with themselves, and the establishment, to realize the quality of the honey their bees are producing is both inedible and tasteless.


I write this comment to express the reason WHY I am a regular reader at the Rug Kazbah.

This site, to rely on the phrase, is unafraid to seek 'truth to power'; to confront those who see themselves as 'the establishment'.

This is a good thing. It provides the reader with genuine insight into what is 'really going on'.

It is also educational. Come here, read, ask questions and learn, not just about the personalities but also of the substance.

And, if you disagree, speak your mind.

Bottom Line: I have enjoyed my visits to this site and encourage others to 'get the habit'.

It is a good thing!

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