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Sun, Sep 15th, 2013 06:09:09 AM
Topic: Tales from the Crypt

Today's NY Times had an interesting story on the front page:

"The Two Wills of the Heiress Huguette Clark"

Seems senator Clark's spinster daughter, Huguette, recently died and there is a struggle going on for her estate, valued at 300 million.

Yes, that' right -- the same senator Clark who owed and then bequeathed the sickle-leaf carpet to the Corcoran Gallery.

It's a somewhat typical story of the descendants of very wealthy family, lawyers, doctors, and other estranged relatives all vying to get their hands on the now deceased, at 104, old lady's cash and material property.

"Senator Clark left a collection of more than 800 artworks to the Corcoran Gallery of Art, in Washington, where they form the William A. Clark Collection, and Mrs. Friedman carried the flag there, succeeding her father as the family delegate to the museum. (Though the museum would stand to lose Mrs. Clarks bequest of a $25 million Monet waterlilies painting if the second will were nullified, it is siding with the family in the dispute.)

Of course there was no mention of the sale of the sickle-leaf, or the other carpets, sotheby recently sold.

Likewise untold is the possibilities some other great rugs lie in the basement, attic, or maybe even still on the floors of the estate in California Huguette Clark once inhabited.

And how the Corcoran Gallery has the greed and gall to expect to receive any artworks from Clark's family after their disgraceful deacquisition of the rug collection Clark gave them more than half a century ago is particularly revolting.

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