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Sat, Jun 15th, 2013 01:14:04 PM
Topic: Beautiful but lacks soul: epilogue

After our sleuthing around the sotheby sale of the 33.7 million dollar carpet we realize we have to retract our statement mr. peter pap was working in cahoots with the agent of the buyer of the sickle-leaf carpet.

We dont actually know why pap was bidding, or for whom, but we do not now believe he was a shill.

So RK apologizes for any misinterpretation we advanced or for any harm it might have done.

But considering peter paps career in rugDUMB, something RK knows quite well since meeting pap after a sale in the parking lot of Bob Skinners auction house in Bolton, Mass circa 1976, we doubt what we mistakenly wrote could do any damage to someone who is a poster-boy for all thats dumb in rugDUMB.

We will not go into cataloguing or discussing paps trangressions.

They surely are not as egregious as a dennis doods or a cathy cootner, only for the fact pap is such a lesser player what he does has little effect outside those who are touched by him.

Whereas a cootner and a dodds perpetrated actions that have affected everyone, be they dealer or collector of oriental rugs.

Its amazing pap really believes he is a rug expert, when whatever drips from his pursed lips proves hes a turko-clown.

We had to chuckle today when we saw pap posted a Tekke torba with this description:

"This nine gul tekke torba is individuated by small bifurcated diamonds decorating the outer sides and abstracted trees at the elem."

Individuated? bifurcated diamonds? abstracted trees?

It appears mr pap is suffering from big-word-itis.

Nothing's more pompous than an ignorant trying to prove he isn't by using 5 dollar words to make two cent comments.

We are sure those who count themselves as his clients believe pap is knowledgeable.

RK has news for them: Not only is he is not, we also advise caveat emptor.

Nuff said about peter aka pp pap.

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